Liquid Pie

Liquid Pie: Just the Crust

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Liquid Pie

Title: Just the Crust
Label: CD Baby

Liquid Pie is an Atlanta based band playing all original music. They have a unique flavor because the members have different musical tastes and styles. Together, they blend all of their influences into a tasty treat. Their music has been described as soft rock, indie pop, and folk rock. They are regulars at Eddies Attic in downtown Decatur GA and continue to play around Atlanta in a variety of venues, please check out the web site for details. REVIEWS: Amazing!!! by Steve Rating: 10 I heard the clips to 'Diggin In' on the website, and was blown away! I went to the website after seeing Liquid Pie live! Very few bands have the ability to perform as good as they record. Liquid Pie performs as flawlessly as they record! I am placing my order for 'Diggin In' right now! Everyone should buy this!!! ----- Go Kris! By Scott Rating: 10 the entire band has the uncanny ability to connect everything in perfect syncronization without too much or less of one element or another. My cousin Kris mans the drums and is extremely proficient at it, too. Keep it up guys, you rock: D (literally!) ----- Let them eat PIE! By Kim Rating: 10 I love the CD. I have listened to it over and over again. I am hoping the band makes a trip up north sometime to perform. I have heard 3 of the band members perform but not the entire group. But, judging from the awesome mix on the CD, I expect the live show to rock. I love your sound. Looking forward to more!!!!!! ----- Just The Cream by Paula Rating: 10 'Just The Crust'. The title is deceptive. 'Just The Cream' would be more to the point as that's what rises to the top of this first release by Liquid Pie. Defying a pigeon hole, this band offers up styles for many moods, one slice at a time. Feeling funky? Skip to the fourth track and listen to 'If You Want Me For My Money'. How about a 'whispering song, easy and strong'? That would be an apt description of 'Holding a Faith' and also it's opening line. The infectiously bouncy 'Two True Blue' will leave you humming it's catchy melody long after it stops playing. With a total of five tracks, the end of the CD comes too soon and leaves you content, but yearning for more. Rich vocal harmonies, and insightful lyrics are just a few of the reasons 'Just The Crust' makes the cut. ----- Liquid Pie Kazooer by Renee Rating: 10 The CD is great, the vocals are rich and melodic - they make me want to whip out a kazoo, and what a kazoo the Liquid Pie Kazoo has proven to be. I ordered two, one for me and one as a 50th wedding anniversary gift. The harmonics of this kazoo, the mastery of design, the evenness of sound, it is no ordinary kazoo. Play along and discover the magic. ----- Ear Candy by Janice Rating: 10 I listened four times in a row Sitting quietly, the room was filled with beautiful sounds, the lyrics moved me, I can't wait for more! ----- by Jack Rating: 10 These songs have beautiful melodies and lyrics. Well done! Anxiously looking forward to your next album!! The drums, guitar, piano, bass,kazoo,and vocals were all fantastic! ----- by Hayley Rating: 10 This CD rocks...All the songs are great....The harmonies blend really well...they sound really good....I love the Kazoo :-) ----- by Amanda Rating: 10 The CD is great. I heard it at my friends house because she wanted me to hear it because she loves it. I thought the songs were really good. They had meaning to them. I liked the originality of all the songs. I believe Liquid Pie has a bright musical future. I feel they will be successful in their work and will become well known to many people. ----- just the crust by JoAnn Rating: 10 A great band with a bright future ahead. All of the songs on the CD are great, the intro to Two True Blue is amazing and Let the Pages Fly a smooth, introspective look at life. Great work! ----- Saw them at Eddie's Attic by Mark Lusher Rating: 10 I first heard this group during an open mic night at Eddies Attic. Their ability to cover a range of eclectic tunes from Blues to pop brought them the win that night. I am sure we will see more of this group. Mark.

1.1 Man on the Mountain
1.2 Two True Blue
1.3 Holding a Faith
1.4 If You Want Me for My Money
1.5 Let the Pages Fly

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