Lisa Barrett: When You Look at Me

Lisa Barrett: When You Look at Me
Title: When You Look at Me
Label: CD Baby

Song #1, 'Let's Roll', has recently become part of American History! I wrote it as an upbeat tribute to the heroes of Flight 93 on September 11th, 2001. I was informed that my CD and information is now in the national archives for future generations of historians and educators to study! I have been told by the Flight 93 National Memorial Project Coordinator that I am now part of Flight 93's American History! I am a Singer/Songwriter from Western New York. I began songwriting about 2 years ago because our family suffered a traumatic loss. My almost 2 yr old nephew, Austin, lost his battle with cancer. If you've never experienced it, there is no greater pain than the loss of a child. I was looking at Austin's picture one day, and I said out loud, 'I can almost feel your touch when you look at me. ' It was that moment that I began writing WHEN YOU LOOK AT ME. Music has always been prevalent in my family. I was always singing in the church folk group or high school musicals in my hometown of Cheektowaga, NY, but I never wrote songs before. Writing became the grieving outlet I had been searching for. After the first song about Austin, I kept on writing. I became passionate about honoring my nephew's memory. He was too young to talk, but now I could be his voice. Something good needed to come from all this heartbreak. It was time for me to make a difference. More awareness needed to be raised for pediatric cancer. I started reading songwriting books and researching publishers on line. I mailed my songs to various publishing companies. I received many replies, but few reputable ones. That was until I received a call from Nashville! The producer said my songs made sense, and he asked me to record my album. With so much competition in the music industry, I had planned on just the songwriting part. I never expected that they would want me to sing my own songs! We spent several days in Nashville at Sound Control Studios. What a rush that was! The experience was simply the chance of a lifetime, and much bigger than I imagined! They gave my songs life! The part that touches my heart the most is that I am donating a portion of proceeds from the sale of each CD to Essential Care Program for Children. Essential Care is an affiliate of Hospice. It is a home care pediatric program for children with life threatening illness, and their families. It is available for children from infancy through adolescents. Essential Care Program allowed Austin to stay at home as much as possible. They were our families' biggest support! I am continuing to write songs as we speak. It's an incredible feeling to have accomplished this much so far. So much more needs to be done. Thank you for the chance to share my story with so many others. Together we can all make a difference in Austin's memory! Thank you so much for helping me support Essenital Care for Children! Enjoy the music!

1.1 Let's Roll
1.2 Through the Rain
1.3 Rush
1.4 Punchin' in Punchin' Out
1.5 When You Look at Me
1.6 You're Shakin' Me Down
1.7 I Belong with You
1.8 I Wanna Rock Your World
1.9 Makin' Time for You and Me
1.10 One Shot

Lisa Barrett: When You Look at Me

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