Lisa Bigwood

Lisa Bigwood: Intrepid

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Artist: Lisa Bigwood

Artist: Lisa Bigwood
Title: Intrepid

Reviews of live performances and Lisa's first two CDs: Frank Deblase, Rochester City Newspaper, 3/2008: Had the distinct pleasure of playing as part of Brian Coughlin's Songwriters In The Round at The House of Hamez Saturday night, along with Coughlin and Lisa Bigwood. The well-caffeinated audience was most forgiving as Coughlin and I played stump the band with ourselves. Bigwood, on the other hand, brought it. She was engaging, charming, and frightening. She hides a lot of subtext in her lyrics and there's an underlying current in her playing as well. Listen and you'll hear even more sting in what she doesn't play, as it stands shoulder to shoulder with the ghosts.~~ Frank Deblase, Rochester City Newspaper, 3/2008 ...impressive...a superior performer and writer. Writing of the quality exhibited here is rare. Sing Out! Bigwood is the scariest folk singer I've ever heard. Jeff Spevak Rochester D&C gets the sense that the music she's creating is an insistent force that she could no more hold back than a passerby could resist listening.... Crossroads ...soulful attitude...a commanding vocalist with a deep, sultry voice.... Music Connection A serious performer with serious songs. Her full bodied tenor and fine fingerpicking convincingly carry the blues. The Richmond Times-Despatch ...her voice and style is as deep and woody as a Tennessee holler. Crossroads Lisa Bigwood's albums [are] treasures. Sing Out ...a promising debut....superbly produced.... Dirty Linen.

1.1 Drive
1.2 Words
1.3 These Days
1.4 Sister Tiger
1.5 Expectation Machine
1.6 Cats in the Woodpile
1.7 Cold Mountain River
1.8 Stay
1.9 Iris and Rose
1.10 Mountain Man
1.11 What It Takes

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