Lisa Cerbone

Lisa Cerbone: We Were All Together

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Artist: Lisa Cerbone

Artist: Lisa Cerbone
Title: We Were All Together

Singer/songwriter Lisa Cerbone, a full-time mother of two and a former teacher, has always spoken for the most vulnerable among us in her songs. Her fourth recording, 2008's "We Were All Together,' is a spare, hushed collection written during the edges of her days and taped when her children were at school or asleep late at night. In her lyrics and vocal melodies, you can hear her reaching out of that solitude to pull the listener into a place where affection and forgiveness can heal the ache of isolation and loss. Her acoustic finger-style guitar-playing references older influences such as Paul Simon and Neil Young, while the production's velvety textures and minimalist approach reference newer indie influences such as Maria Taylor and the Great Lake Swimmers.

1.1 Humming
1.2 Tiny Patch of Earth
1.3 Close to the Battlefield
1.4 The World Is Shaking (A Song for Daniel)
1.5 Mia Noelle
1.6 You Are So Loved
1.7 Change the Ending
1.8 The Fields Are More Golden
1.9 Feels Like the End
1.10 Journey

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