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Lisa Dancing-Light: Sophia Songs

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Title: Sophia Songs
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Lisa Dancing-Light I am the daughter of a Scotch-Irish lass and a Holland-Dutch boy, living in the Rocky Mountains masquerading as an urban princess turned mountain woman. I have been singing since I can remember as a little girl with a plastic record player and cardboard records. Growing up in the heart of America listening to the very best of Big Band music, I studied piano with Professor Joanne Baker at the Conservatory at University of Missouri in Kansas City. My mother says I begged for a piano but when the neighborhood kids were playing kickball in front of my house I dreaded practicing. My parents loved music and Cole Porter or George Gershwin was always playing in our home on Sunday after church. I learned to dance standing on my father's toes in the family room on Sunday night as we listened to Bubbles In The Wine, the 'champagne music' of Lawrence Welk. I carry the legacy of a father who always wanted to be an orchestra conductor and a mother who did actually play piano with bands in the infamous Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa. Born under the sign of Leo, I was passionate about being the center of attention on stage since I can remember. My most magical musical moments in my life growing up were producing talent shows in my backyard complete with curtains, stage lights, costuming AND audiences. Of course there were always the terrifying piano concerts. My real love was singing in choirs. My Mr. Holland's Opus was my high school choir teacher Carder Manning who supported me and inspired me to major in music in college and become a music educator and the person I am now. Moving to Colorado after getting a degree in Music Education from the University of Kansas, marked a dramatic change in my life. Becoming an avid hiker, camper, nordic skier, and horseback rider required living close to the earth has always been a priority. Getting married, raising two sons in the country brought a simple yet pristine quality I had longed for. Besides rehearsing was always easier and no one complained about the loud music. As fate would have it, I got bitten by the performance bug again and began playing with guitar/piano duos and trios, a 7-piece swing band with 3 three female vocalists and finally kicked off a solo career with my first cassette entitled FIRST SOLO with all original songs in the style of Carole King and Laura Nyro. My dream of stage performance blossomed and reached a crescendo as I opened for jazz pianist idol Peter Kater at the Aspen Wheeler Opera House during Christmas and with Grammy-award winning, Ernie Watts who played saxophone with the Watts Happenin' Band. The phenomenon of 'hearing' music aka being blessed by the Muse fascinated me as I received more inspiration for my next recording POINT OF BALANCE. I was once again musically on fire and possessed with the desire to share the messages I received. I felt like Mozart in AMADEUS as the music flooded my brain. Another phenomenon of the effect of music and sound on my audiences began to get my attention as folks shared intimate stories with me after concerts, relating to my songs and how they were affected emotionally and physically. I began to explore and research, studying with pioneers in sound therapy. This took me deeply into the world of science, psychotherapy and music of native cultures. I began presenting workshops that journeyed into deeper personal experience of the voice. As always I teach what I need to learn. I began to grasp what my music was about. I developed a sweeter connection with the gift I was given. With that appreciation came a more spiritual approach to my life. Through the challenges of my own life, single parenting and being an only child with aging parents, I reached to the depths of my resources during a recent health crisis. An amazing phenomenon occurred while sitting in meditation one spring morning as I read a poem entitled HYMN TO SOPHIA by Rudolph Steiner. The words began to sing to me. I went to the piano as always when this happens and identified the melody and began pulsing sound in the bass. When I was done I cried for hours. It's kind of like having a baby. I was exhausted. Interestingly enough my next piano student went to Waldorf School. Steiner is the father of Waldorf Education and founder of anthropsophy, man's study of the wisdom of Sophia. I explained the whole experience to her and her mother and we all got chills. I began to learn about the myth of Sophia, known as the Goddess of Wisdom, the world soul. Then I read the best-selling novel DaVinci Code, Sophia Teachings and every book about Sophia I could get my hands on. She is still a great mystery to me yet her wisdom sings through every song on my new CD SOPHIA SONGS. She opens up the mysteries of the seasons, of the relationship between Earth and the stars and between humanity and the world. It is my belief that her divine feminine presence is emerging on the planet and this divine wisdom is becoming love. This transformational alchemy occurs each time this music is played and sent out into the cosmos. Sounds goes on forever until it bounces up against something. So the message to my listeners is to play these songs of wisdom, let them be lullabies for your spirit and prayers for your soul. Sing them out to the Universe and spread the message of love. Create the positive energy force of peace.

1.1 K'ai - Song of the Mermaid
1.2 Oh Great Wave
1.3 The Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water Return
1.4 Invocation to the Mother
1.5 Ancient Mother
1.6 We Are the Women
1.7 Mowtay
1.8 Stillness
1.9 Hymn to Sophia
1.10 Weaving
1.11 Winds of Change
1.12 Spirit of the Wind

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