Lisa Kemp-Williams: In the Moment

Lisa Kemp-Williams: In the Moment
Title: In the Moment
Label: CD Baby

On this latest CD, you will find a blend of sounds which capture the diversity of her music and ministry. From the Caribbean praise of "Our God Reigns" to the soothing ballad of "Just Because", and from a soul groove praise of "Moving Forward, to a worshipful "A Medley of Worship, to the powerfully prophetic song "Call to the Remnant', each song on this CD project will bless you in every season of your life. These songs are Lisa's testimony of how only God can bring us through the darkest times-listen to the lyrics of 'Call to Me'. God has shown Himself faithful to Lisa over and over again-here are some of the praises for her music. " ...the heart of the musical inspiration to the Father through the anointing on Lisa Kemp-Williams!" - Bishop Henry and Pastor Carole Fernandez - The Faith Center, Sunrise, Florida "This is more than good music... This is ministry in music. So get ready to be ministered to!!!" - Pastor Cecil Lamb, Spirit of Christ Center, North Miami, Florida "Your faith will be charged and challenged by Lisa's song entitled 'KEEP THE FAITH'. When I listened to this song, I knew that this would be one of the tools that God would use to stir the faith of His people and launch them into new levels in Him. If this song does not stir you, your spoon must be stuck to the bowl!" - Pastor Emma McDuffie, Tabernacle of Faith, Clermont, Lisa Kemp-Williams is a 21st Century Psalmist with a passion and compassion emerging from an anointing that captivates the heart, enlightens the spirit, and inspires the believer and unbeliever alike to be drawn into His presence. ...another winner for the 21st century love of quality Gospel inspirational music." - Dr. Myles and Mrs. Ruth Munroe - Bahamas Faith Ministries, Nassau Bahamas "Lisa Kemp-Williams. What can I say about Lisa? She's anointed and gifted. You will experience God!" - Pastor Rich and Robyn Wilkerson, Trinity Church, Miami Florida "Lisa is going to be on the forefront of the fresh praise and worship that is coming forth from the very mouth of God in this era. I believe that she is a pioneer, and she has the anointing that is going to carry us into what I call the 'third heaven' or the third realm'." - Dr. Connie Williams, Connie Williams Ministries International, Georgia "God has given Lisa, his dear and faithful servant, a work of absolute must for all believers to hear... " - Bishop Isaiah and Dr. Gloria Williams - Jesus People Ministries Church, Miami, Florida.

1.1 Our God Reigns
1.2 Just Because
1.3 Call to Me
1.4 Trust His Heart
1.5 Not Forgotten
1.6 A Medley of Worship: You Are My Hiding Place/Great Is Your Mercy/El Sha
1.7 Call to the Remnant
1.8 The Moment
1.9 Moving Forward [Live][Take]
1.10 That Name

Lisa Kemp-Williams: In the Moment

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