Lisa Lampanelli: Tough Love

Lisa Lampanelli: Tough Love
Artist: Lisa Lampanelli
Title: Tough Love

Two parts standup and one part roast, Lisa Lampanelli delivers a one-two punch with her patented equal opportunity insults and in-your-face style. In this hilariously irreverent special taped for Comedy Central, not even Lisa herself is immune as she introduces US to her husband, "Jimmy Big Balls," and adds, "When a guy shaves 'I love you' into his back hair, you take notice!" Lisa closes the show as only she can - with "The Roast of the Worthless Americans," in which she rips apart pop culture icons Kate Gosselin, MTV's cast of JERSEY SHORE, Bravo's REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY, and many more.

1.1 Joliet 10S
1.2 I Miss Michael Jackson
1.3 Roasts Remembered
1.4 Tastes Like a Penny
1.5 Service That Squirrel
1.6 Jimmy Big Balls
1.7 Love Letters to LL
1.8 I Want to Be Your Wallpaper
1.9 Interior Design Bitch
1.10 The Roast of Worthless Americans

Lisa Lampanelli: Tough Love

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