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Lisa Lim: Lisa Lim

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Artist: Lisa Lim

Artist: Lisa Lim
Title: Lisa Lim

Lisa Lim's sizzling new self-titled sophomore release, "Lisa Lim," is a blazing powerhouse of original and infectious industrial blues and rock. On this release, Lisa really let's the listener deep into her personal life experiences and most guarded inner thoughts with a stellar level of songwriting and vocals that are equally powerful to match her well-known gunslinger guitar chops. The collection kicks off with a sure-hit, "Superstitious Mind," a Joe Bonamassa meets Sheryl Crow power rocker that sets the atmosphere for this captivating musical journey. And as usual, Lisa sprinkles in some of her great slide work, blues riffs, and acoustic textures that she has become well-known for in rock and blues guitar circles. For these sessions, Lisa teamed up with international producer Thomas Johansen to deliver the goods - and boy do they! Johansen completely captures the essence and strength of Lim's songs and vocal chops while producing textured layers of her best guitar playing to date. "Lisa Lim" is a must-have download and will be a summer staple on iPods and CD players this Summer of '13!

1.1 Superstitious Mind
1.2 My Perfect World
1.3 Broken Promise Blues
1.4 Distant Second
1.5 Perfect Fit
1.6 Denial
1.7 Please Please Don't Go
1.8 I Got You
1.9 Our River
1.10 Letter
1.11 Let Go
1.12 Manic Energy

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