Lisa Ljungberg: Pretty Good Life

Lisa Ljungberg: Pretty Good Life
Title: Pretty Good Life
Label: CD Baby

Lisa Ljungberg is a Swedish singer and pianist. She is a renowned musician and songwriter who has worked with many national and international acts. In 2010 Lisa released 'Pretty Good Life', her debut solo album. The songs are an eclectic mix of jazzy ballads, soul and acoustic pop. Lisa sings and plays passionately with lyrical subjects referring to her own experiences in life. Many of the songs were recorded basically live with Lisa singing and playing straight to analog tape using an old reel to reel recorder. Guitars, bass and percussion were added, but the approach was to keep things simple and focus on intimate feel. Vocal guests include jazz singer Johanna Hjort on 'Style' and Lisas daughter Tilda who makes her recording debut as additional singer on 'Pretty Good Life', 'In Thee' and 'Captain Of Your Dreams'. Lisa is very active as a live performer and features many of these songs in her repertoir. Get the album or download the songs and enjoy her brilliant voice, music and playing.

1.1 How Are You
1.2 Pretty Good Life
1.3 Style
1.4 Happycolor
1.5 Angeleyes
1.6 Perfect Day
1.7 Fragile
1.8 Spend a Moment
1.9 Fairytale Prince
1.10 In Thee
1.11 Captain of Your Dreams

Lisa Ljungberg: Pretty Good Life

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