Lisa McCann

Lisa McCann: Presence

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Artist: Lisa McCann

Artist: Lisa McCann
Title: Presence

All of these songs came about through my prayer time, struggles, and burning desire to be like Jesus. To this day, the lyrics still minister to me. When I feel myself closing off from the Lord, I listen to 'Vulnerability'. When times are hard and life doesn't seem fair, the words to 'You Are Good' pop into my mind. I will always strive to love like Jesus, to be able to 'see past chaos into beauty', (Such Love) and to walk in His faithfulness, regardless of what season of life I am in. The only way I, or anyone for that matter, will accomplish any of this is to be in His presence and live there. I pray that this album will minister to you and encourage you as it is still doing for me.

1.1 Potter
1.2 Such Love
1.3 You Are Good
1.4 Vulnerability
1.5 I'm Yours
1.6 See Your Face
1.7 Through Your Eyes
1.8 Faithful
1.9 Love Like Yours
1.10 Presence

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