Lisa Rafel

Lisa Rafel: Ancient Prayers of Alia

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lisa Rafel

Title: Ancient Prayers of Alia
Label: CD Baby

Lisa Rafel is an internationally known presenter, chantress, spiritual teacher and sound and energy healer. Lisa teaches her transformational programs, Resonate With the Soul, and The Five Worlds in Florida, New York and California, and The Netherlands. All of her classes integrate sacred sound and opportunities for compassionate awareness. Her work utilizes sound, Integrative Kabalistic healing, guided meditation, prayer, body awareness, and Shamanic practices of the Tibetan, Greek, ancient Egyptian and Native American cultures. Lisa's healing chants are rooted in the tradition of vowels as the sacred language of God. These beautiful harmonic chants engage the listener at the deepest levels. Described as 'music that comes from before the languages divided' and 'healing and sacred', they bring powerful, penetrating experiences of joy, prayer, beauty, connectivity and peace. Lisa will often play an assortment of crystal and Tibetan bowls, bells or other percussion, weaving a tapestry of textures and energies to blend with her chanting. Lisa sings and presents at conferences and in Seminars about sound, chant, and healing. Recent events include: Deepak Chopra's Alliance for a New Humanity, Puerto Rico; The Gather the Women Congress, SF; the Mary Magdalene Conference, Florida. Other events include The World Festival of Sacred Music, Los Angeles in honor of HH the Dalai Lama; The State of the World Forum, New York; The World Wide labyrinth Project; San Francisco State University; and The Noetic Sciences Institute. Lisa has sung in sacred sites all over the world including Chartres Cathedral in France, The Great Pyramid in Egypt, the Sakya Monastery in Tibet, at the World Festivals of Sacred Music in honor of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and many conferences and gatherings. Her concerts with her acclaimed group, Space/Time Phenomena are joyous, transporting events of fusion world rhythm, songs, poetry, and harmonic and melodic sacred sounds, chants and prayers. Lisa works privately with individuals, couples and groups in selected locations. She occasionally leads spiritual journeys to Egypt and to other sacred sites.

1.1 Opening Prayer: Opening the Gates
1.2 First Chakra Prayer: Horius
1.3 Second Chakra Prayer: Early Wisdom
1.4 Third Chakra Prayer: Hallowed Ground
1.5 Fourth Chakra Prayer: Freedom
1.6 Fifth Chakra Prayer: Becoming
1.7 Face Tone
1.8 Third Eye Tones
1.9 Entire Head Tone
1.10 Pineal Gland Tones
1.11 Tone to Open the Crown
1.12 Tone to Direct the Light
1.13 Tone to Close the Crown
1.14 Final Prayer: Courage
1.15 Total Body Cleanse
1.16 Etheric Body Cleanse
1.17 Time to Speak
1.18 Embrace

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