Lisa Sanders: Shiver

Lisa Sanders: Shiver
Title: Shiver
Label: CD Baby

The Shiver CD took years to write and record. Written with honesty and sung by Lisa Sanders Stunning Voice.Lisa sings each and every song with conviction that anything is possible! Produced,recorded and mixed with loving care by one of worlds most talented producers and award winning singer and songwriter in his own right. Jeffrey Allen Berkley. Recorded at Berkley Sound in beautiful San Diego California. Mastered in Hollywood California by mull-ti Grammy Award winning Gavin Lurssen and Rueben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering Studios. 'That's How I Feel About You' is the first track on Shiver and is a song filled with Fun and Happiness.The lyric written about how great the little things in life can sometimes be our greatest joys. And how wonderful it can feel when we share them with someone we care about. 'Secret Angel' A song about hope and how we can overcome even the darkest moments. 'Crazy For You' A song about falling in love when you least expect it! 'Shiver' Is the title track. A beautiful song of how sometimes we can be so strong and yet so week when it comes to loving someone. 'My Mind' A sexy song about how it feels to have a big crush on someone and completely enjoying the feeling! 'Pride and Joy' A song sang with complete conviction that our children grow up almost unexpectedly. How can we be prepared for that? 'Tell Me Daddy' Is another sexy song that takes you places in your mind about how mysterious our masculine side can be. 'Stars ' A New York inspired love song about how crazy it can be to loose your mind while falling in love. 'Sometimes It's Hard To Fly' Written by Dave Howard an mull-ti talented singer and songwriter. Who credits Lisa as being the only one who can sing it the way it was meant to be. A song about having dreams and having the courage to see them through. 'The Epic' A song Lisa wrote after watching MTV's True Life . It's a song about how it is to be a young and to have so much to overcome. While still having the courage to get back up after being knocked down so hard. 'Butterflies' A real love story about having the love of your life being closer to you than you think! These are some of our thoughts about each song.It would be amazing to hear what your thoughts are after listening! I think you will agree Shiver is a Brilliant CD! Perhaps you will hear much more! Enjoy Shiver! Encourage your friends to get it here at CD Baby and we will all have much richer lives because of it! Blessings from Lisa Sanders and The Shiver Team!

1.1 That's How I Feel About You
1.2 Secret Angel
1.3 Crazy for You
1.4 Shiver
1.5 My Mind
1.6 Pride and Joy
1.7 Tell Me Daddy
1.8 Stars
1.9 Sometimes It's Hard to Fly
1.10 The Epic
1.11 Butterflies

Lisa Sanders: Shiver

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