Lisamarie McGrath

Lisamarie McGrath: Colors Fall

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Title: Colors Fall
Label: CD Baby

Lisamarie McGrath, Flutist With Collaborative Artists Elise Auerbach, Piano Ellen Fisher-Deerberg, Flute Jane Moore, Narrator A native of Colorado, Lisamarie McGrath began her flute studies at 15 years of age with soloist and chamber musician, Susanella Noble. Lisamarie journeyed to the East Coast in 1985 to study flute with the renowned principal flutist of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Murray Panitz. In 1989, she graduated (cum laude) with a Bachelor of Music degree from Temple University. In 1991, Lisamarie engaged in private study with David Cramer (Associate Principal, Philadelphia Orchestra) and Mark Sparks (Principal Flute, St. Louis Symphony). Currently residing in Pennsylvania with her life partner, Andrew, and two cats, Serenity and Snow, Lisamarie works as a professional flutist, and runs her own flute studio. Her distinguished career has included solo, chamber, ethnic, and orchestral performances in such diverse places as Great Britain, Colorado, Wyoming, and the Mid-Atlantic area. Lisamarie’s honors include being a winner of the National Flute Association’s Orchestral Audition Masterclass Competition in 1991 with Leone Buyse. She won the 1991 Pottstown Symphony Young Artists Concerto Competition and performed the Cimarosa Concerto in A Major for two Flutes with the Pottstown Symphony. Lisamarie also won the Fort Collins Young Artist Concerto Competition, Junior Division, in 1983. In addition to music, her interests include running, biking, photography, cooking, reading, gardening, being politically active and making a difference in her community.

1.1 CD1 James Demars/The Colors Fall - Lisamarie McGrath, Ellen Fisher-Deerberg
1.2 CD1 Ernest Bloch/Suite Modale MVT I Moderato
1.3 CD1 Bloch/Suite Modale MVT II L'istesso Tempo
1.4 CD1 Bloch/Suite Modale MVT III Allegro Giocoso
1.5 CD1 Bloch/Suite Modale MVT IV Adagio / Allegro Deciso
1.6 CD1 Hindemith/Acht Stücke MVT 1 Gemächlich, Leicht Bewegt - Lisamarie McGrath
1.7 CD1 Hindemith/Acht Stücke MVT 2 Scherzando - Lisamarie McGrath
1.8 CD1 Hindemith/Acht Stücke MVT 3 Sehr Langsam, Frei Im Zeitmaß - Lisamarie McGrath
1.9 CD1 Hindemith/Acht Stücke MVT 4 Gemächlich - Lisamarie McGrath
1.10 CD1 Hindemith/Acht Stücke MVT 5 Sehr Lebhaft - Lisamarie McGrath
1.11 CD1 Hindemith/Acht Stücke MVT 6 Lied, Leicht Bewegt - Lisamarie McGrath
1.12 CD1 Hindemith/Acht Stücke MVT 7 Rezitativ - Lisamarie McGrath
1.13 CD1 Hindemith/Acht Stücke MVT 8 Finale - Lisamarie McGrath
1.14 CD1 Katherine Hoover/Sound Bytes MVT 1Get Up - Lisamarie McGrath, Ellen Fisher-Deerberg
1.15 CD1 Hoover/Sound Bytes MVT 2 Thirds - Lisamarie McGrath, Ellen Fisher-Deerberg
1.16 CD1 Hoover/Sound Bytes MVT 3 Short Circuit - Lisamarie McGrath, Ellen Fisher-Deerberg
1.17 CD1 Hoover/Sound Bytes MVT 4 Invention - Lisamarie McGrath, Ellen Fisher-Deerberg
1.18 CD1 Hoover/Sound Bytes MVT 5 Johnny Two Note - Lisamarie McGrath, Ellen Fisher-Deerberg
1.19 CD1 Hoover/Sound Bytes MVT 6 in Flight - Lisamarie McGrath, Ellen Fisher-Deerberg
1.20 CD1 Katherine Hoover/Winter Spirits - Lisamarie McGrath
1.21 CD1 Katherine Hoover/Masks MVT 1Haida
1.22 CD1 Hoover/Masks MVT 2 Huichol
1.23 CD1 Hoover/Masks MVT 3 African American Death Mask
1.24 CD1 Hoover/Masks MVT 4 Clown Mask
1.25 CD1 Hoover/Masks MVT 5 Andante
1.26 CD1 Hoover/Masks MVT 6 Allegro Vivo
1.27 CD1 Camille Saint-Saëns/Airs de Ballet D'ascanio
2.1 CD2 T1: Albert Roussel/Joueurs de Flûte, Op. 27 MVT 1 Pan
2.2 CD2 T2: Roussel/Joueurs de Flûte MVT 2 Tityre
2.3 CD2 T3: Roussel/Joueurs de Flûte MVT 3 Krishna
2.4 CD2 T4: Roussel/Joueurs de Flûte MVT 4 Mr. de la Péjaudie
2.5 CD2 T5: Aaron Copland/Duo for Flute and Piano MVT 1 Flowing
2.6 CD2 T6: Copland MVT 2 Poetic, Somewhat Mournful
2.7 CD2 T7: Copland MVT 3 Lively, with Bounce
2.8 CD2 T8: Maurice Ravel/Pièce en Forme de Habanera
2.9 CD2 T9: Jaques Ibert/Jeux MVT 1 Anime
2.10 CD2 T10: Ibert/Jeux MVT 2 Tendre
2.11 CD2 T11: Hindemith/ Canonic Sonatine for Two Flutes MVT 1 Munter - Lisamarie McGrath, Ellen Fisher-Deerberg
2.12 CD2 T12: Hindemith MVT 2 Capriccio/Langsame Achetel - Lisamarie McGrath, Ellen Fisher-Deerberg
2.13 CD2 T13: Hindemith MVT 3 Presto - Lisamarie McGrath, Ellen Fisher-Deerberg
2.14 CD2 T14: Claude Debussy/Syrinx - Lisamarie McGrath, Jane Moore

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