Little Boots

Little Boots: Hands

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Little Boots

Artist: Little Boots
Title: Hands

Little Boots, aka 24 year-old Blackpool native Victoria Hesketh), is proud to announce the release of her debut album. What started as a bit of fun (recording 'funtimes' covers in her pajamas) eventually led to homepage exposure on YouTube, racking up more than 250,000 views overnight. Claiming Little Boots as her moniker (the Latin name Caligula translates as "Little Boot"), Victoria eventually released her limited edition 7" single 'Meddle' to rapturous applause from every corner of the UK press. The white label Moroder-inspired 'Stuck on Repeat' and various remixes started popping up everywhere, making her one of the "most blogged about artists". in November '08, Jools Holland's producer took a chance booking a virtual unknown for what would become one of the most intriguing performances of the year. The only female to perform on the night (alongside heavyweights Al Green, the Killers & Damon Albarn), Victoria wowed the audience with her effortless skill: singing, playing three ins.

1.1 New I Town
1.2 Earthquake
1.3 Stuck on Repeat
1.4 Click
1.5 Remedy
1.6 Meddle
1.7 Ghosts
1.8 Mathematics
1.9 Symmetry
1.10 Tune Into My Heart
1.11 Hearts Collide
1.12 No Brakes
1.13 Hands
1.14 Love Kills
1.15 New in Town (No One Is Safe) [Al Kapranos Remix]

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