Little Glass Men

Little Glass Men: EP Album

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Artist: Little Glass Men
Title: EP Album

Little Glass Men's vision-inspiring electronic beats have caught the attention of many music lovers from all around the US since his first self released EP album in Feb 2012. Don't be decieved, Little Glass Men is comprised of only multi-instrumetalist/composer Ryan Claus. As his emphasis is on the keyboard/synthesizer, he is also deft at playing guitar, bass, drums, and sitar. With the innate worldly flavor of his music, there's no wonder why he wants to breach out of his audience sphere and into the wide world, where his music can be rightfully appreciated. With not only striking technical skills on such instruments, his computer editing and programming skills are intimidating as well, allowing to record and produce his own material and put himself alone on the forefront of "keeping it original' where sampling other peoples music is so prevalent in this day in age. You can find Little Glass Men playing live frequently in underground venues such as Dimension 7 in San Francisco. His presence is always well received by the audience who are incessantly wooed by the wisdom and harmony of the sitar. Much acoustic stimulation is yet to come from this solo project, as plans for a full length album are already underway.

1.1 Portamentos
1.2 Incan Gold
1.3 Modulation of the Spirit
1.4 Westside Chillers
1.5 Blackout ; Blue

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