Little Hands

Little Hands: Ponies Piggies & Pups

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Artist: Little Hands

Artist: Little Hands
Title: Ponies Piggies & Pups

Let's take a musical farmyard adventure! Children love the funny noises animals make and watching them move. Sing, dance, jump, and gallop as we visit some of our favorite four-legged friends. Enjoy music about all sorts of animals: ponies, piggies, pups, and more, while Little Hands (and feet!) make music.

1.1 Bow Wow Wow
1.2 Brownie's Dog House
1.3 Rover
1.4 Knick Knack
1.5 Dog Went to Dover
1.6 Sweetly Sings the Donkey
1.7 Ordinary Clapsies
1.8 When Sheep Get Up in the Morning
1.9 Shoe a Little Horse
1.10 Pony Macaroni
1.11 In Your House Last Night
1.12 Pigs in a Blanket
1.13 At the Bridge
1.14 Dickery Dare
1.15 Ten in the Bed
1.16 Little Hands Make Music

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