Little Miss Ann

Little Miss Ann: Music for Tots

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Artist: Little Miss Ann

Artist: Little Miss Ann
Title: Music for Tots

In a great city called Chicago there is a 5'2 woman (thus the name) playing a guitar and singing tunes for kids. 'Little Miss Ann' has been teaching at the pride of Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music for 3 years. Here she sings with the wee ones and their 'not-so-bad' parents tunes that they can't get out of their heads. 'Little Miss Ann' brings a different sound and face to kids music. She uses her experience as a first-generation filipina-American woman, a Chicago Public school teacher, mother, and band frontwoman to inspire a grand ole time. 'Little Miss Ann' and her husband enjoyed making this kids' CD together. After putting their 4-year old daughter down to bed, they would go down into the basement of their home and practice their tunes together. Take a listen at what they have created together. This album is being used in many educational settings especially public and Montessori Pre-school and Kindergarten classrooms! Warren Truitt of Children's Music that Rocks says 'Torralba and her husband have recorded an album of songs that are really ... well, for lack of a better term, groovy, but I mean that in the best way possible. The production is very warm and intimate, and there are lots of killer harmonies.' The Lovely Mrs. Davis says that Music for Tots by Little Miss Ann (Ann Torralba) is a fabulous album by a teacher from Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music. With a mix of traditional songs and Torralba originals, the album has a folk-rock feel with rich vocals and a beautiful mix of simple instrumentation (guitar, pan flute, tin whistle, percussion, bass). Torralba's cover of 'You Are My Sunshine' is one of the album's high points, but all 10 tracks are enjoyable. Lou Carlozo from The Chicago Tribune wrote: Little Miss Ann (Ann Torralba) The lowdown: A folk rocker with tasty influences: Rickie Lee Jones, Joanna Newsom, Pink Floyd ('early Pink Floyd,' she stresses) and The Beatles. Not kidding: As mom to 5-year-old Olivia, Little Miss Ann has truesidewalk-chalk cred. She started singing to Olivia's play group four years ago; prior, she played Empty Bottle and Schubas in the quirk-folk outfit Jank. Her former day gig? Working with autistic public school kids. Why we like her: On her CD 'Music for Tots,' Torralba brings tender invention to chestnuts such as 'Pirate Ship'; the original 'Moon Jelly' oozes toy xylophone zing. She uses Olivia on backup vocals and husband Patrick Milani on drums. Plus, she hopes to be a role model for female and Philippine-American artists. Grade: B+. By picking up a guitar and playing children's music, Little Miss Ann redefines 'supermom.' Little Miss Ann's CD has been played on Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child, WLUW Kids Play, Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl, and Gooney Bird Kids!

1.1 Hello
1.2 Sing a Rainbow
1.3 Pirate Ship
1.4 Dance with Your Daddy
1.5 You Are My Sunshine
1.6 Edamame
1.7 There's a Little Wheel
1.8 Moon Jelly
1.9 Freight Train
1.10 Golden Slumbers

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