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Little Muddy: Door 15

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Artist: Little Muddy

Artist: Little Muddy
Title: Door 15

'You know something special is going on when a grizzled, jaded rock critic is introduced to a band and immediately seeks out it's back catalog- even going online to buy it's out-of-print debut. San Francisco's Little Muddy centers on guitarist Rich Goldstein, the only member still onboard from it's self-titled 1999 debut. The instrumentalists' current CD Door 15 returns to a trio format, after 2008's The Road to Bodie- a solo collection of Goldstein's atmospheric vignettes. On outings one and two (the second titled Mayan Mud), the group tackled covers from such varied sources as Stevie Wonder, AC/DC, Charlie Rich, Jimmy Webb ('Wichita Lineman, cut around the same time as Friends Of Dean Martinez's similar version), and film scorers Henry Mancini, Elmer Bernstein, and Lalo Schifrin. This time, the eclectics tap soundtracks by Nino Rota, ('The Godfather'), Quincy Jones ('Sanford and Son'), and John Barry ('Midnight Cowboy'), as well as tunes by Van Halen ('Jamie's Cryin''), Lulu ('To Sir With Love'), and Neil Diamond ('GIrl, You'll Be A Woman Soon'). But the covers are like familiar little oases in between Goldstein's noir-ish compositions. His playing reveals influences from nearly every corner of the stylistic spectrum-from country to blues, rock, jazz, funk, and folk. Utilizing a '69 Telecaster or a late 50's 'Jimmy Page' model Danelectro (for open tunings and slide) through a '65 blackface Fender Deluxe Reverb, his tone typically has some distortion, but also plenty of definition. Martinez friends (and fans of other surf-noir artists like John Blakely and Terry 'Buffalo ' Ware) should gravitate to this, but so should followers of tone masters like Buchanan, Beck and Santana.' Vintage Guitar Magazine (Dan Forte) May 2010 'Door 15, the latest release from  Little Muddy, arrived in the mail a few days ago.  Americana Daily reviewed their third album, Road to Bodie, last year around this time and found it to be a pleasant surprise. As mentioned in that review, Little Muddy's music is moody, mysterious and cinematic.  After reading through the song selections on Door 15, I wasn't sure what to expect, but received a whole other kind of surprise this time. Door 15, the title track and first cut on the album, could easily be the theme from a 1960's secret agent film. The entire album plays like the soundtrack  to a film about soundtracks, their cover of Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon would have been the perfect choice for Pulp Fiction if they had been around at the time. Tarantino should take note of these guys for his next film. There are several other theme covers including a funky Isaac Hayes wah-wah take on the theme from Sanford and Son, a haunting version of Midnight Cowboy and sandwiched in between is a complete instrumental overhaul of Lulu's To Sir With Love.  Mixed in among the covers are songs like Caveman Radio, the possible theme to a movie about pre-historic dee-jays, Daktari Safari, the perfect title, as well as the perfect concept, for Tarantino's next project; and What Was Isn't There, the theme song to your life.  Primitive Channel, the final cut, could easily be the FADE TO BLACK - CREDITS ROLL background music for just about any film.     While their name and image conjures up rural Americana, Little Muddy's sound is more Cinemacana (I think I just coined a term) music inspired by movie music - instrumental roots-music for movie music lovers.   Close your eyes and give Door 15 a listen, the movie will unfold in your mind.' Americana Daily Nov.09.

1.1 Door 15
1.2 Caveman Radio
1.3 Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon
1.4 The Godfather
1.5 Daktari Safari
1.6 Jamie's Cryin'
1.7 What Was Isn't There
1.8 Sanford and Son
1.9 To Sir with Love
1.10 Midnight Cowboy
1.11 The Primitive Channel

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