Liuwe Tamminga

Liuwe Tamminga: Islas Canarias: Historic Organs of Canary Islands

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Liuwe Tamminga

Title: Islas Canarias: Historic Organs of Canary Islands
Label: Accent Records

As a holiday paradise you will certainly not bring the Canary Islands so readily with historic organs in connection, but can be made here some unexpected discoveries. Before the advent of mass tourism, the poor communities were there namely often afford modernizing their organs, to say nothing of new acquisitions and quite so numerous historic instruments have received with some charming regional characteristics that Liuwe Tamminga before us here. This is related to the Canario the dance in the musical center, which has made the name of the island early famous - but of course the popular canary meets us on this album

1.1 Canarios, for Keyboard
1.2 Diferencias Sobre la Gayta, for Keyboard
1.3 Surge, Propera, Amica Mea, Motet for 8 Voices
1.4 Batalla Famosa, for Keyboard
1.5 Diferencias Sobre Las Bacas, for Keyboard
1.6 Fandango, for Keyboard
1.7 Obra de Falsas Cromã¡Ticas de Primer Tono
1.8 Batalla de Clarines, Menuet for Keyboard
1.9 Paradetas (Anon.) / 4 Diferencias Sobre Paradetas (Ribayaz) / 3 Diferencias Sobre Paradetas (Huete)
1.10 Diferencias Sobre Las Folã-As, for Keyboard
1.11 Las Folã-As
1.12 Canario
1.13 Fugue (Gigue) for Keyboard in C Major, Buxwv 174
1.14 Chacona for Keyboard
1.15 Folã-As Graves, for Keyboard
1.16 Canzonetta for Keyboard in G Major, Buxwv 171
1.17 Las Folías
1.18 Work(S): La Canarie à 4
1.19 Capriccio for Organ
1.20 Pasacalles de 1 Tono Proporciã³N Maior, for Organ
1.21 Prelude in C Major (Pro Organo Pleno)
1.22 Ach Gott Vom Himmel Sieh' Darein, Chorale Prelude for Organ
1.23 Canarios
1.24 Diferencia Sobre 'Las Vacas' for Harpsichord
1.25 Pavana Con Su Glosa
1.26 Xã¡Cara de 1 Tono, for Organ
1.27 Work(S): 15 Diferencias Escogidas Sobre El Canario

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