Liv Cummins

Liv Cummins: Exactly.

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Artist: Liv Cummins

Artist: Liv Cummins
Title: Exactly.

Liv Cummins is a brilliant new talent. Her first album, some days, gained her national attention, and the new one, ...exactly, is going to open the flood gates. Totally unique, liv is at home with a number of eclectic styles, but she consistently gives the listener two things: Great melodies, and lyrics to remember. She's sincere yet unpretentious, sentimental and smart. Don't be surprised to hear this CD on college, top 40 and alternative stations at the same time. It's that good.

1.1 Love Will Find It's Way Back
1.2 Say So
1.3 Bermuda
1.4 Let Me Go
1.5 Hurry Up Your Love
1.6 Deal
1.7 Jealous of Your Past
1.8 Platform
1.9 I'll Be Back
1.10 Be My Lifeboat
1.11 Moments Like This
1.12 Take Me for a Ride Tonight
1.13 Closer to Me
1.14 How Much More
1.15 Better Than I Know Myself
1.16 17 Reasons
1.17 Forgive

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