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Live @ Subs: Transpacific

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Live @ Subs

Title: Transpacific
Label: CD Baby

Live@Subs: They come from the East of Melbourne, Australia where the hills are big and the beats are even bigger. From that of Guitarist/Singer Sub who played with US group The Toledo Show, touring the US during 1997 & 1998, followed by an Australian tour in late \'98 finishing at the Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival. Or Deef Live@Subs drummer/singer, x-drummer of heavy grooves band Another Race (aka Biscuit), and bassist Wingman. Now playing together after knowing each other since they were in school, \'the Subs\' boys take a somewhat different approach to their music, enjoying each gig, recording session and tour as one big party/a way of life! 2007-2008 has seen L@S tour extrensively around Australia and also their first US tour of California and Nevada. During that period of time they did shows with members of Gluefactory a California based band. This album is a collective work of live shows, and studio work, collaberated between Live@subs, and Gluefactory. Half the songs were recorded in Long Beach, California, the other half in and around Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Album also features members of Sublime, Secret Hate, Pennywise, and others.

1.1 Reckoning
1.2 Drowning
1.3 Little Lords
1.4 Felony Fables
1.5 The Hammer
1.6 The Right Tide
1.7 Interview, Pt. 1
1.8 North Country Fair
1.9 Falling Idols Theme
1.10 Interview, Pt. 2
1.11 Better Than This [Live] [Live]
1.12 Motivation [Live] [Live]
1.13 Interview, Pt. 3
1.14 I Need Sleep
1.15 Ronnie Rollback
1.16 Blank Track
1.17 I Need Sleep [Live] [Live]

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