Live Suffer Die: A Voice from Beyond Death

Live Suffer Die: A Voice from Beyond Death
Title: A Voice from Beyond Death
Label: Moribund Records

The Suicidal vocals of SILENCER & BETHLEHEM juxtaposed against mesmerizing, ritual riffing akin to JUDAS ISCARIOT!Moribund Records proudly offers tribute to another Cult Warrior called to the infernal flame all too soon, with the release of Live Suffer Die "A Voice from Beyond Death" CD. Live Suffer Die is Lance Gifford's final recordings and last collaborative effort with Lörd Matzigkeitus (The Projectionist, The Black Sorcery). A unique and cult US / Canadian Black Metal Co-operative, LSD is riddled with mesmerizing, grim guitar craft akin to JUDAS ISCARIOT juxtaposed against one of the most insane vocal performances since BETHLEHEM "Dictius Te Necare" or SILENCER "Death - Pierce Me"! "A Voice from Beyond Death" is a finely tuned torrent of Depressive Suicidal Black Metal Live Suffer Die is sure to be a perfectly morose morsel for fans of SHINING, SILENCER and early BETHLEHEM. WORSHIP !!!

1.1 14 Voices (13:17)
1.2 Fisted Aspiration of Sanctuary (11:47)
1.3 Self Destruction Fiend (16:47)
1.4 Twin Witches of Ruin (9:55)
1.5 Veins Wide Open (5:43)

Live Suffer Die: A Voice from Beyond Death

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