Livesexact: Segmented Purity: The Remixes

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Livesexact

Title: Segmented Purity: The Remixes
Label: CD Baby

1.1 You Must Get Down (Livesexwerk Mix) - Codec
1.2 New Version of You (Headache Re:Mix) - Headache of Ceoxime
1.3 Hot Tuesday (All Hell Breaks) - Freedom ; Alex
1.4 Happiness Pie (The Warm, Bubbling, Flaky, Foreskin Crust Mix)
1.5 Need (I Love This Feeling) (Wet444 Mix) - Ethan Eves
1.6 The Ballad of Blake Owens (Legion UK Mix) - David Talento
1.7 You Must Get Down (Harvey's Revenge) - Rising!Man!Incinerator
1.8 Shto Mi E Milo (Rock Mix, Meddle Mix, Elton's John Mix)
1.9 Livesexactivate (Livesex-Re-Act-A-Mix) - Flavio Lemelle
1.10 Happiness Pie (Partially Hydrogenated Mix) - Ukuphambana
1.11 Need (I Love This Feeling) (Quadruple Espresso Mix) - Ethan Eves
1.12 New Version of You (U-Turn Mix) - Tom Peak / Illj
1.13 The Ballad of Blake Owens (Ku Noigel Mix)
1.14 Leader (Gentlemen Prefer Coke Mix) -Pine Tree State Mind Control
1.15 Wreckage Inside - Pneumatic Detach

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