Liz Foster

Liz Foster: Indecision

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Artist: Liz Foster

Artist: Liz Foster
Title: Indecision

BIO: Born and raised in Rochester, NY, Liz Foster was passionate about music even as a young girl. Influenced by artists like Joan Baez, Cat Stevens, and Joni Mitchell, she was drawn to the idea that one could tell stories with words and music, and wrote her first original song when she was eleven. At age eighteen, Liz moved to Los Angeles to live with her father, veteran actor Robert Forster, and was soon involved in the local music scene. In the fall of 2001, Liz released 'Indecision,' a self-produced, debut album marked by fiery passion, true love, nostalgia, uncertainty and anguish. Her long-time love affair with poetry has greatly influenced her songwriting and surfaces throughout the record in songs about family, friends and lovers. 'Liz Foster is a captivating folk artist. She weaves melody and story together with the grace and soul of a poet...' 'Liz Foster's' voice has the earthy qualities of Emmy Lou listen and you will find yourself traveling through each song as if they could somehow be your own intimate story.' 'Poetry meets storytelling.' -Ronna Jones - Singer/songwriter SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE REVIEWS! Words alone are truly divine But joined with music, tingles my spine It steals the very breath I make And passions borne begin to wake Inspiration takes the lead Finding soil, planting seeds Then sunshine pulls at the thick Not too soon, not too quick Softly, slowly as it grows Here and there a song unfolds Words and music intertwined What better treasure is there to find?

1.1 Cello 3
1.2 Looking for Helpful Clowns
1.3 Set Me on Fire
1.4 Around My Crown
1.5 Hillary
1.6 Without a Piece of You
1.7 All in the Circus
1.8 Indecision
1.9 In Time (My Way Is Better)
1.10 I Will Be True
1.11 Granny
1.12 As Heaven
1.13 The Wavy Lines
1.14 Twinkle Fish

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