Liza Manalo

Liza Manalo: Tanging Ikaw

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Artist: Liza Manalo

Artist: Liza Manalo
Title: Tanging Ikaw

Liza Manalo is a Filipino-American singer who started singing at a very young age when she was signed with GMA's That's Entertainment. Though she spent a few years on the show that went on to launch many young artista's careers today, she decided to leave the show to continue her education. 'Though I loved Music, finishing my education was also important and that choice proved to be the right choice for me at that time. I graduated from the University of California, San Diego and sang in downtown clubs to pay for Graduate school. I was lucky to be able to continue to explore my passion for music while working on my Masters really was the best of both worlds.' The idea of this album, Tanging Ikaw, came from a very talented musical arranger and director, Soc Mina. Coupled with genius songwriter, Arnie Mendaros, and musical proteges, Nikko Rivera, Noel Mendez, Soc Mina, and Nino Regalado, the result is this inspiring album of love songs. 'I've always said if I ever recorded an album it would be a collection of timeless original Filipino music that keeps listeners falling in love over and over again- which is the true essence of good OPMs and I hope we've accomplished that in this CD lite, Tanging Ikaw.

1.1 Bakit Ba
1.2 Alone in Cold Summer Nights
1.3 Kahit Minsan Lang
1.4 Glass Hour
1.5 Tanging Ikaw

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