Lizzie West

Lizzie West: I Pledge Allegiance to Myself

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lizzie West

Title: I Pledge Allegiance to Myself
Label: Appleseed Records

A seriously hot new artist whose hook-laden, pop flavoried folksongs have been featured on HBO and mamor TV shows. Her first outing on Warner Bros, received a big response from AAA. "Her music is rooted and deep with a restless promise - NY Times" "Aretha, Grace Jones and PJ Harvey rolled into one. - Hits Magazine" I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO MYSELF marks her indie label debut on Appleseed Recordings.

1.1 Take These Demons
1.2 God Damn That Man
1.3 Rope Me in and Smoke Me
1.4 I Pledge Allegiance to Myself
1.5 Portrait of An Artist As a Young Woman (Thank You)
1.6 19 Miles to Baghdad
1.7 Get Up, Stand Up
1.8 Of Course, My Love
1.9 Reaching for Light
1.10 I Can See the Mountains from Here
1.11 Brooklyn Bound
1.12 Looking for Leonard Cohen, Part 1
1.13 City of New Orleans
1.14 They Won't Bury Us Till We Die

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