Lloyd Mabrey: Follow Your Heart

Lloyd Mabrey: Follow Your Heart
Title: Follow Your Heart
Label: CD Baby

About Lloyd Mabrey... Lloyd has been performing since 1976 as a professional entertainer and has become one of our country's most respected performers. He has opened for more than a hundred major acts from Buck Owens to the Beach Boys. His versatile singing style and 12 string guitar skills are complemented by his warm wit and his incredible improvisational skills. He is a favorite with corporate meeting planners and event coordinators all over the country because of his dependability, easy set up and ability to tailor his performances to the occasion. His extensive song list and talent to write songs on the spot enable him to appeal to all circles from Wall Street Executives to Ranchers. Lloyd's performance and style appeals to all ages. From seniors to kindergartners he can adapt. Lloyd Mabrey is truly a one of a kind entertainer! A Personal Note... "As I reflect on my own accomplishments, it is hard for me to believe all the things that I have done. I am often asked, "If I have truly done all the things that are claimed, why am I not in Nashville or LA?" The answer is simple, I'm working and making living like the rest of the world plus I get to live in Colorado where the things I love to do are in my backyard. If bigger things come to be that's great, but in the meantime, I am making a great living and doing what I love to do. How many people can say that? Performing is interesting. Sometimes it means singing to Barbara Walters, at a Manhattan Penthouse Apartment (which I've done) on 5th Avenue overlooking Central Park, and yes, sometimes it means singing in between events at a Sheep Dog Trial (which I've also done) next to the sheep pens with the sheep baaing in the background during one of my songs "you are the wind, baa-aa-neath my wings." Notice! I capitalized "Barbara Walters" and "Sheep Dog Trials." Yes, they both paid well, but the actual reason I capitalized both was because if my Sheep Dog friends were to believe that I thought their event wasn't as important as Barbara Walters, next time I may be playing inside the pens with the sheep instead of next to them, and that's no joke." 12 String Guitar, Singer, Songwriter & Entertainer People love his ability write songs on the spot! I perform with the same passion and intensity whether I'm volunteering my time for one of my favorite charities at home or playing for thousands of people before a major act. There is no event too small nor am I too small for any event. I would love to discuss your needs and even if I cannot help you directly, I may have a few suggestions to help you accomplish your entertainment goals." For more information contact: Lloyd Mabrey, 474 West Scenic Drive Grand Jct., Colorado 81507 Home (970) 241-8637 Cell (970) 260-3348 Email lloyd@doyourbest.com.

1.1 In the Livin' Years
1.2 Love Ain't Love
1.3 I Think God Must Be a Cowboy
1.4 Annie's Song
1.5 Seein My Father in Me
1.6 Jesus Loves Me/Cats in the Cradle (Feat. Andrew and Chris Mabrey
1.7 Something That We Do
1.8 Friends
1.9 Wind Beneath My Wings
1.10 On God's Green Earth
1.11 The Old Rugged Cross
1.12 Why Me Lord

Lloyd Mabrey: Follow Your Heart

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