Ln: Dirt Floor Hotel Part 1

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Artist: Ln

Artist: Ln
Title: Dirt Floor Hotel Part 1

This is the record that followed LN's acclaimed 'Novel' record. Dirt Floor was originally a double album that was then broken into Parts 1 and 2. Here is part 1 in all it's glory ! Amazingly, beautiful songs. The band managed to blend it's more noisy, atmospheric sounds into Mr. Murray's intimate stripped down, acoustic based songs. Though LN put out several releases after this one, it's this sound that Gary Murray seemed to return to on his 2 solo efforts 'Downstream Angels' and 'The Revenant Waltz'.

1.1 Nerves Left Exposed
1.2 So the Words Disappear
1.3 Medicine
1.4 Modern Day Hobo
1.5 Morning Stories
1.6 Love Letter (For All It's Worth)
1.7 The Rope
1.8 California
1.9 I Love to Feel the Turning of the Pages
1.10 What Would You Give in Exchange for Your Soul
1.11 Slow Train to Hell

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