Lo-Fi: Lo-Fidelity

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lo-Fi

Title: Lo-Fidelity
Label: CD Baby

Lo-Fi's debut album, Lo-Fidelity, is a beautiful collision of throwback and innovation, where indie souls meet mainstream bodies. The album credits for this album read like a who's who of Country music, demanding the attention of anyone lucky enough to be within earshot of the speakers this music flows out of so elegantly.

1.1 Let It Change
1.2 Vintage Heart
1.3 Tricked Out Trucks ; Burnouts
1.4 Gotta Leave Nashville
1.5 When You're Over Me
1.6 Deep End of the Ocean
1.7 How Could We Know
1.8 Never Meant to Say Goodbye
1.9 A Girl Like That
1.10 Radio
1.11 You Left Me
1.12 Center of the Universe

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