Lo Kung-Yaun

Lo Kung-Yaun: Chinese Poems of the Tang & Sung Dynasties

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lo Kung-Yaun

Title: Chinese Poems of the Tang & Sung Dynasties
Label: Folkways Records

1.1 Night Thoughts / Secluded Scholar / New Bride
1.2 Questioning Mr. Liu / from Miscellaneous Poems / Spring Morning
1.3 A Woman's Grief / Snow on the River / Anchoring at Night By the Maple Bridge
1.4 After Returning Home / Liang Chow / Sorrow in the Palace
1.5 To Mr. Chang of the Water Department / Song of the Frontier / Anchored at Ching Huai River
1.6 To My Beloved / Lung Hsi Ballad / Viewing Spring
1.7 Chiang Village / Crickets / Death of His Wife
1.8 Woman's Headdress / Meeting Happiness / Listening to Rain
1.9 Intoxicated in the Shadow of Flowers / Red Phoenix
1.10 Rain Falls on the Bell
1.11 To the Retired Scholar Wei Pa
1.12 Thatched Hut Wrecked By Autumn Wind
1.13 Song of Chang-Kan
1.14 Song of Everlasting Sorrow

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