Local H: Pack Up The Cats

Local H: Pack Up The Cats
Title: Pack Up The Cats
Label: Srcvinyl
Product Type: VINYL LP

"Inspired by Pink Floyd, Goodfellas/Boogie Nights and Mr. Show episodes, we decide to take the unifying ideas of our last record and blow them up into a full-fledged concept record, complete with a storyline and a never ending line of segues... Pack Up The Cats. Our major label masterpiece. With a bigger recording budget, top tier talent behind the boards in the form of Nick DiDia and the great Roy Thomas Baker, and our strongest batch of songs yet - our resources were finally in line with our ambitions. Which is good. Because, this time, we had major ambitions... The instrumentation, the harmonies, the perfect flow of the production - the way the record was experimental without ever being self indulgent - it was everything we wanted." - Local H

1.1 All-Right (Oh, Yeah) 3:10
1.2 "Cha!" Said the Kitty 2:57
1.3 Lucky 0:48
1.4 Hit the Skids or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Rock 4:39
1.5 500,000 Scovilles 1:37
1.6 What Can I Tell You? 4:52
2.1 Fine and Good 4:09
2.2 Lead Pipe Cinch 1:05
2.3 Cool Magnet 4:08
2.4 She Hates My Job 4:09
2.5 Stoney 1:42
2.6 Laminate Man 3:17
2.7 All the Kids Are Right 3:48
2.8 Deep Cut 2:27
2.9 Lucky Time 4:59
2.10 It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Want to Rock and Roll) 4:49
2.11 Answering Machine 7:41

Local H: Pack Up The Cats

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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