Locura: Animas

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Artist: Locura

Artist: Locura
Title: Animas

Spain. Cuba. Jamaica. California. This extraordinary group of musicians mixes grooves and melodies from Flamenco, Reggae, Cuban Son, and North American Folk. To the stage they bring the mysterious and passionate world of Flamenco, combined with the driving, full sound of a salsa band. LoCura creates an original blend of irresistible, high energy music that bridges cultures and transcends borders. Mesmerizing flamenco footwork and solid bass lines, fiery guitar and hard-hitting percussion support rich vocals with soaring harmonies, creating a vibrant collage of sound and movement. Emotionally charged music that ignites a pulsating dance party, provides food for the soul and uplifts the spirit...a sound track to feeling alive! LoCura is one of the hottest groups emerging out of the Bay Area music scene. Over the past three years they have lived and performed in Spain and Morocco, toured throughout California and the West Coast, and performed at music festivals with international artists including Ojos de Brujo (Spain) • Bunny Wailer (Jamaica) • Nawal (Comoros) • Les Nubians (France) • Toots & the Maytals (Jamaica) • Sean Hayes (San Francisco) • Rupa (San Francisco) • Carlihnos Brown (Brazil) Locura...one word: madness. Separated into two, lo cura: it cures it. Two words found within one, the cure within the madness. The idea that beauty and love can blossom from chaos, bringing dreams to life where another world is possible. A remedy is found in the craziness of this life, allowing the possibility for change. Through their music LoCura hopes to provide a catalyst for transformation and healing. San Francisco Bay Guardian Album Review by Dina Maccabee, 'On my first listen to LoCura's self-released debut, Animas, I was tempted to compare bilingual vocalist Kathy Miletich to a certain hip-waggling Colombian diva. Like Shakira, Miletich is seductively comfortable in the rich depths of her contralto vocal range. But without the constraints of a strict pop format, her Oakland group patiently lays down it's cards as each song unfolds. On 'El Campo,' guitarist Bob Sanders plants a burning, syncopated guitar hook squarely in the pocket, sending wisps of flamenco-tinged ornamentation curling into the air. LoCura brings the payoff with rippling gypsy-influenced vocals and a groovy, if predictable, bassline. Superbly crafted and confidently grounded, Animas serves up a blend of beats and influences with unusual tastiness.'

1.1 Una Ola
1.2 El Campo
1.3 Goza
1.4 Te Va?
1.5 La Esencia
1.6 Feelings
1.7 Vamos
1.8 Lo Que Soy
1.9 Animas
1.10 Break the Walls
1.11 Ay!
1.12 Ven

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