Loftus: Loftus

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Artist: Loftus

Artist: Loftus
Title: Loftus
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited vinyl LP-only release. Loftus finds the members of two bands - Rex and Red Red Meat - collaborating with a dude from Tortoise. It is a wonderful record that tears various genres apart with glee. For the first time ever, this under known classic of experimental 1990s Indie Rock is being released on vinyl.

1.1 Raisin
1.2 Emma's Rubber Leg
1.3 Haywine
1.4 Stolen from a Rifle Clean Brothel
1.5 King Carp in a Dan Ryan Ditch
1.6 Theme from Loftus Nine
1.7 Nervous
1.8 Bell and Hammer
1.9 Penguin Boy's Love Story
1.10 When the Electricity Goes Out in the Submarine
1.11 Marlon Perkins
1.12 Cake
1.13 Blind

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