Logan Lind

Logan Lind: Troll Bait

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Logan Lind

Title: Troll Bait
Label: CD Baby

With an original mixture of southern inspired Folk/Rock laced with Scandinavian embellishment, Logan Lind is carving out his own musical niche. A half Norwegian/half American hybrid armed with a weathered guitar, powerful raspy vocals, and songs full of depth and heart make this singer/songwriter a force to be recognized! He's been rocking crowds with his raw energy and conviction since he was 14. "I want to give 110%... whether I'm playing for a crowd of one or thousands. It's unforgivable to waste a God given gift. I want to keep it real!" Born in Southern Norway and raised in a small railroad town in the Southern United States, he picked up the guitar at age 11. His first chords were taught to him by neighbor, the late Jack Collier, the man responsible for giving Merle Haggard his start. His advice to Logan was, "Practice 'till your fingers bleed". That's exactly what he did! It wasn't long before Logan began writing and performing his own music, releasing his first album at 15. His music began to receive airplay in America, Norway, Belgium, and England. In 2013 he made a live recording in his drummer's upstairs studio. This recording is now his newly released EP, 'Troll Bait'. A resident of 2 countries, Logan shares his time between Norway and the U.S. When asked what the future holds, he replies, "By God, more music! Something that's here to stay."

1.1 Troll Bait
1.2 Dance with Me
1.3 Homesick
1.4 Take My Hand
1.5 Train
1.6 Nordic Swing
1.7 Restauration

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