Lois Koepke

Lois Koepke: Inspired

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Artist: Lois Koepke

Artist: Lois Koepke
Title: Inspired

Inspired - a four year journey - has culminated in my first Christian-based CD. Although the first song I wrote was 10 years ago, the walk I took with a beautiful young girl named Laura put many things in to motion. My faith, my purpose, my belief that God is always near was strengthened - and tested. The past four years I've been blessed to have been inspired to write music. The lyrics and the melodies would hit usually on my one hour ride home from work. It was then that I had solitude and heard the songs whispered in my ear. I connected with angels and with God. When you listen to 'Inspired' you will find it to be musically eclectic. Ballads, rhythm and blues, folk-like, lullaby - all different styles, I guess it's something for everyone! Lois, what a beautiful testimony put to song with your soothing voice! As I listened to all of the songs, I truly felt inspired: to be more grateful for living in America, to always trust the Lord, to pray more, to draw closer to God, and His Son, Jesus Christ, knowing that he died for my sins and the sins of the world, and to cherish relationships. Thank you for sharing your gift. Nettie The CD is aptly named! Each of the songs is truly inspiring, especially 'God is Always Near'--my anthem. My husband and I found your voice very '...sweet, soothing...,' and we loved being able to understand every word. As I heard many times on the old American Bandstand: 'Believe' has a great beat that you can dance to. Lois, you personally exude many of the charms of your lyrics. I thank God for the opportunity to spend time with you. My Best Wishes! Shirely B. Lois, your songs and music come straight from the heart GREAT JOB! You are a chosen vessel that pours out to others as GOD pours into you .LOVE, Marlene R.

1.1 America
1.2 Believe
1.3 If You Don't Go with God
1.4 God Cares for You (Feat. Frank Janzow)
1.5 God Is Always Near (Feat. Frank Janzow)
1.6 His Light Shines
1.7 Husband ; Wife
1.8 Inspiration
1.9 Love, Mom

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