Lola Colt

Lola Colt: Twist Through The Fire

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Lola Colt

Artist: Lola Colt
Title: Twist Through The Fire
Product Type: VINYL LP

New album from the London six-piece. With roots in psych, influences from vintage film and cine- matic sound and the use of unusual instrumentation such as shahi-baaja, darbuka and harmonium - there's a depth and atmosphere in their music. Their rise began in 2012 when Fuzz Club selected 'Diamonds' for The Reverb Conspiracy Vol 1 which opened up doors to re- lease their 2014 'Vacant Hearts' E.P. Live, Lola Colt have been heralded as "one of London's most exciting live bands" [Q Magazine] and have played a string of high profile worldwide festivals. They recreate their mesmerizing, atmospheric force of a live set on record perfectly. 'Twist Through The Fire' was self-recorded and produced in James Hurst's London studio. Much of the album began as spontaneous sessions, laying down ideas initially as a fluid journey and an outpouring of creative ideas, before the band spent a year re-working the songs into the fully formed album you hear today.

1.1 Gold
1.2 Dead Moon Jeopardy
1.3 Eagle
1.4 Twist Through the Fire
1.5 Moksha Medicine
1.6 Moonlight Mixing
1.7 Bones
1.8 At War
1.9 Kilimanjaro

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