Lolly Cross: Lady of the Penny Whistle

Lolly Cross: Lady of the Penny Whistle
Title: Lady of the Penny Whistle
Label: CD Baby

For Lolly's Third Album, she has again chosen traditional Celtic tunes and all the instruments that go with them, to entertain you. There is Banjo, Mandolin, Hammered Dulcimer, Guitar, and Violin, in additional to Lolly's Penny Whistles, Flutes, Alto Recorder, Bowed Psaltery, Zither and Percussion. So sit back and listen to the Lady of the Penny Whistle.

1.1 Arran Boat Song
1.2 Hennessey's Reel
1.3 Abbott's Bromley Horn Dance
1.4 Red-Haired Boy
1.5 King of the Faeries
1.6 Father Kelly/Sheehan's Reels
1.7 Planxty Irwin
1.8 Southwind
1.9 Soldier's Joy Reel
1.10 Never Love Thee More
1.11 Rakes of Mallow
1.12 Planxty George Brabazon
1.13 Foggy Dew
1.14 Red Wing Reel
1.15 Mari's Wedding
1.16 Hills of Lorne
1.17 Church Street Polka
1.18 S'bheg S'mhor
1.19 Wicklow Hornpipe
1.20 Sally Gardens Reel

Lolly Cross: Lady of the Penny Whistle

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