Lombardo, Guy & His Royal Canadians

Lombardo, Guy & His Royal Canadians: Hits Collection Vol. 2 1937-54

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Title: Hits Collection Vol. 2 1937-54
Label: Acrobat

Guy Lombardo was a hugely successful bandleader, violinist and conductor whose orchestra played the "sweet" style of dance band and easy listening music which appealed to the broad spectrum of middle America during the 1930s through the '40s and into the early '50s during what is sometimes called the golden age of popular music. He was so extraordinarily successful over a period spanning more than a quarter of a century that his tally of hit records - over 200 - is so long that we have decided to spread the recordings over two 4-CD sets, of which this is Volume 1. This great-value 103-track CD comprises most of his recordings for the Victor and Decca labels during the second era of his hit-making career which were credited with a Top 20 chart position in Joel Whitburn's "Pop Memories" or Elston Brooks' "The Weekly Top Ten Tunes For The Last Fifty Years" books, the Your Hit Parade chart, or, after 1940, any of the Billboard charts. It includes hits with Hildegarde, The Andrews Sisters and Gloria de Haven, and among his own featured vocalsist are Carmen Lombardo, Larry Owen, Fred Higman, Kenny Gardner, Billy Leach, Tony Craig, Stuart Foster, Jimmy Brown, Don Rodney, Bill Flanagan and Kenny Martin. It features 15 No. 1s, including "Stars Fell On Alabama", "What's The Reason (I'm Not Pleasin' You)", "Red Sails In The Sunset", "Lost", "September In The Rain", "A Sail Boat In The Moonlight", "So Rare", "Penny Serenade", "Managua-Nicaragua" and "The Third Man Theme". Along with the companion set "The Guy Lombardo Hits Collection Vol. 1 1927-37" (Acrobat ACQCD7139) it represents a comprehensive and enjoyable overview of his hit-making career.

1.1 The Love Bug Will Bite You (If You Don't Watch Out)
1.2 I Know Now
1.3 It Looks Like Rain In Cherry Blossom Lane
1.4 Toodle-Oo
1.5 A Sail Boat In The Moonlight
1.6 Gone With The Wind
1.7 Can I Forget You
1.8 The Folks Who Live On The Hill
1.9 So Rare
1.10 I See Your Face Before Me
1.11 When The Mighty Organ Played Oh Promise Me
1.12 Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen
1.13 It's Easier Said Than Done
1.14 Let's Sail To Dreamland
1.15 Ti-Pi-Tin
1.16 Two Bouquets
1.17 In My Little Red Book
1.18 Little Lady Make Believe
1.19 So Little Time
1.20 I Must See Annie Tonight
1.21 It's A Lonely Trail (When You're Travelin' All Alone)
1.22 I Ups To Her And She Ups To Me (And The Next Thing I Knows I'm In Love)
1.23 Deep Purple
1.24 Penny Serenade
1.25 Liitle Sir Echo
2.1 Easter Parade
2.2 St. Louis Blues
2.3 Cinderella Stay In My Arms
2.4 I'm Sorry For Myself
2.5 South American Way
2.6 In An 18th Century Drawing Room
2.7 South Of The Border
2.8 Confucius Say
2.9 Intermezzo (Souvenir De Vienne)
2.10 The Band Played On
2.11 Johnny Doughboy Found A Rose In Ireland
2.12 For Me And My Gal
2.13 Speak Low (When You Speak, Love)
2.14 Take It Easy
2.15 It's Love Love Love
2.16 Long Ago And Far Away
2.17 Humoresque
2.18 Together
2.19 Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis
2.20 The Trolley Song
2.21 Always
2.22 A Little On The Lonely Side
2.23 Oh! Moytle
2.24 Poor Little Rhode Island
2.25 Bell Bottom Trousers
2.26 Stars In Your Eyes
2.27 No Can Do
3.1 Seems Like Old Times
3.2 Symphony
3.3 Shoo-Fly Pie And Apple Pan Dowdy
3.4 Give Me The Moon Over Brooklyn
3.5 I'd Be Lost Without You
3.6 June Is Bustin' Out All Over
3.7 Money Is The Root Of All Evil
3.8 The Gypsy
3.9 One-Zy Two-Zy (I Love You-Zy)
3.10 Christmas Island
3.11 Managua-Nicaragua
3.12 Anniversary Song
3.13 April Showers
3.14 I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder
3.15 All My Love
3.16 The Echo Said No
3.17 I'm My Own Grandpaw
3.18 Red Roses For A Blue Lady
3.19 Everywhere You Go
3.20 Down By The Station
3.21 Need You
3.22 Merry-Go-Round Waltz
3.23 The Four Winds And The Seven Seas
3.24 Hop-Scotch Polka
3.25 Homecoming Waltz
4.1 The Blue Skirt Waltz
4.2 Merry Christmas Polka
4.3 Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think)
4.4 The Wedding Samba
4.5 The Third Man Theme
4.6 Dearie
4.7 Tiddly Winky Woo
4.8 Our Little Ranch House
4.9 Nola
4.10 The Petite Waltz
4.11 Harbor Lights
4.12 The Tennessee Waltz
4.13 Get Out Those Old Records
4.14 The Chicken Song (I Ain't Gonna Take It Settin' Down)
4.15 Velvet Lips
4.16 If
4.17 Frosty The Snowman
4.18 Because Of You
4.19 Undecided
4.20 Crazy Heart
4.21 Blue Tango
4.22 Kiss Of Fire
4.23 Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart
4.24 Half As Much
4.25 Wish You Were Here
4.26 Hernando's Hideaway

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