Kent Nagano

Kent Nagano: Petrushka / Miraculous Mandarin

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Artist: Kent Nagano

Artist: Kent Nagano
Title: Petrushka / Miraculous Mandarin

Stravinsky: Petrushka; Bartok: Miraculous Mandarin / Nagano Composer: Igor Stravinsky, Béla Bartók Orchestra/Ensemble: London Symphony Orchestra Conductor: Kent Nagano An exceptionally interesting new reading... going further than the composer as conductor in probing the feelings of the tortured puppet, a bleeding heart indeed within the lacquered box of Stravinsky's Shrovetide fair. Nagano has a head start with a more glamorous recording and the tonal sophistication of his orchestral soloists - not least a superb flautist who launches the ballet in high style and makes a special mystery of the puppet-master's summons... Nagano's subtle, uncredited pianist is rightly spotlighted in what, after all, began life as a concert-piece for piano and orchestra. Bartók's 1919 monstrosity makes a superb companion, with some surprising connections between a supernatural Chinaman and Stravinsky's exotic spicings. Nagano applies a French Impressionist brush to these few caressing moments, while the LSO, who have held sway here since Claudio Abbado's even more inflamed performance, shrill their way through Bartók's more vicious barbarisms as to the manner born.

1.1 Tableau 1. the Shrove-Tide Fair
1.2 Tableau 1. Danse Russe
1.3 Tableau 2. Petrushka
1.4 Tableau 3. the Blackamoor
1.5 Tableau 3. Valse
1.6 Tableau 4. the Shrove-Tide Fair
1.7 Tableau 4. Wet-Nurses' Dance
1.8 Tableau 4. Peasant with Bear
1.9 Tableau 4. Gypsies and a Rake Vendor
1.10 Tableau 4. Dance of the Coachmen
1.11 Tableau 4. Masquerades
1.12 Tableau 4. the Scuffle: Blackamoor and Petrushka
1.13 Tableau 4. Death of Petrushka
1.14 Tableau 4. Police and the Juggler
1.15 Tableau 4. Apparition of Petrushka's Death
1.16 Allegro (Introduction)
1.17 The Curtain Rises
1.18 First Decoy
1.19 A Shabby Old Rake Enters
1.20 Second Decoy
1.21 A Shy Lad Appears in the Doorway
1.22 Third Decoy
1.23 The Girl Sees a Sinister-Looking Figure in the Street
1.24 The Mandarin Enters
1.25 General Commotion
1.26 A Wildly Erotic Dance
1.27 The Girl Sinks on to the Mandarin's Lap
1.28 The Mandarin Starts Up a Wild Chase
1.29 He Catches Hold of the Girl
1.30 The Tramps Leap Out
1.31 Having Robbed Him, They Now Have to Decide
1.32 Suddenly the Mandarin's Head Emerges
1.33 The Tramps Come to Their Senses
1.34 The Three Tramps Stop Him
1.35 They Hang the Mandarin from the Lamp Hook
1.36 The Lamp Falls to the Floor and Goes Out
1.37 The Mandarin Falls to the Floor
1.38 The Mandarin's Longing Is Now Stilled

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