Lonesome Bert & the Skinny Lizards

Lonesome Bert & the Skinny Lizards: Happytown

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Artist: Lonesome Bert & the Skinny Lizards
Title: Happytown

Sometimes people come up to me and say, 'Where is this Happytown whereof you sing?' and I turn to them and I say 'You're not from around here.....................................................are you?' And they say of course not, but they have heard about Happytown and they want a piece of it, if I could just help them out. And I say 'Sure, it's easy. You probably already know where it is, if you would just think about it. It's a happy little town where everybody is happy. I'll bet you have been there before. You can go there and visit, and spend the night dancing in their streets if you want to.' 'But you can't stay. You can't become a citizen, because you see, you're not happy. You can stay all night and dance all night, but when morning comes you still won't be happy, and you will be right back where you started from, lying on the sidewalk next to the Y with a newspaper pulled over your head. No matter how many times you go, you can't stay unless you are happy. And who is?' 'And so when you hear the conductor call 'All aboard for Happytown!' jump for it! You can ride up in the first-class Ultravision VistaViewer Wagon-lit or you can ride in the cattle car. And it's rodeo Brahmas today. Everybody gets there together, same time and station.' 'But it's always after dark when we arrive in Happytown, so take care with that last step. The train company assumes no responsibility after your foot hits the ground. And remember, today's ticket cannot be applied against tomorrow's troubles.' 'We have even assembled some musical entertainment to make your journey beyond pleasant. Lonesome Bert & the Skinny Lizards have made the trip many times together, and they know what you want to hear. The places these songs will take you are all Happytown suburbs, each with it's own flavor and attitude and tree-lined municipal squares where life is humming among the shrubs and fountains. Tour them with your mind, and enjoy the fragrant ambiences, and before you know it, the lights of Happytown will be flashing by the windows! Board! ' The music is all original, written by Bert or Chris, and delivered with the guitar, acoustic bass, and pandiero trio with the same unpredictable sound and style they use in live performance. Who would have thought it?

1.1 Happytown
1.2 Forget the Future
1.3 Roswell
1.4 Fool for You
1.5 What Do We Do When the Last Old Hippie Dies
1.6 Rodman Dam
1.7 Mallorca
1.8 Big Bottle of Wine
1.9 Papa Doc
1.10 Protect You Girl
1.11 No Pressure (We're Just All Counting on You)
1.12 Folksinger's Farewell

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