Lonesome Steve

Lonesome Steve: Rusty Tailpipe

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lonesome Steve

Title: Rusty Tailpipe
Label: CD Baby

What those darn critics are saying: 'Raw country tunes. Reminds me of the Beat Farmers... The late Country Dick Montana would be proud!.....' Billy Hill/Moral Chain of Custody Lexington, KY 'Homespun folk frolic, raw bones approach to traditional music. Short, clever, humorous, and kind of topical, like the basementtapes folksy bohemians recorded in the '60's. Lonesome's use ofspoons for percussion in 'Don Garlits' recalls Janis Joplin's use of a typewriter for the same effect in 'Hesitation Blues,' and his inclusion of kazoos, harmonicas and whistles add a jug band texture to the otherwise stark mix.....' Bill Jeffers/News4You Magazine Evansville, IN 'Bone shattering mix of sunnyside eggs, a drop of rain, a ray of sunshine and a bale of hay.....' Mike DeVoe/TransWorld Music Albany, NY 'There's a long marriage between humor and folk/country music, represented by the likes of Roger Miller, Steve Goodman, and Shel Silverstein. The best of the genre demonstrates a wry wit and a respect for the musical tradition from which it sprang. A group of musicians from southern Indiana led by 'Lonesome' Steve Fowler, is the latest entry in the field. Volunteer Corn's debut album consists of 12 cuts, all but one are originals, penned by Fowler in collaboration with other band members. Highlights include 'Don Garlits,' a catchy ode to drag racing on the moon; 'Artichoke Heart,' a love song gone wrong with nice slide guitar and harmonica work by Ramblin' Doug Miller, and 'Cigar Alley' a reflection on life in general. Lonesome Steve, on vocals and occasional kazoo, makes sure Volunteer Corn doesn't take itself or it's music too seriously.' Bob Gustin/The Columbus Republic Columbus, IN 'Has his own thing for sure and that's awesome in music anymore. Might be the guy to combine U2's 'I Threw A Brick Through A Window' with Ernest T. Bass.' Tommy Womack/Musician Nashville, TN.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Whole Lotta Hell in Helen
1.3 Barberpole
1.4 Don Garlits
1.5 Artichoke Heart
1.6 Two Bastard Brothers
1.7 Tiny Steps for Tiny Feet
1.8 Dropkick Me, Jesus
1.9 Walking to Texas
1.10 Ride the Rails
1.11 Done By Others
1.12 Stella
1.13 Cigar Alley

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