Longital: Gloria

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Artist: Longital

Title: Gloria
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Longital are: Daniel Salontay, Shina Lo, Xi-di-nim English translations of lyrics: ___ Už len raz / One last time One last time to wade through this Mess of muddiness To kindly cross Impassable waters One last time to take a walk Through the darkness Oh, and then clean As morning skies With you inside me I shall go To where I break free I no longer insist on What I used to insist on I open all doors That we´ve found with locks on And all that comes my way, I will receive I open the curtains Undimming the windows I bring to the table What´s there left to eat ___ Ani náhodou / Nothing by chance For so long we´ve only slept inside For such a long time we´ve lived make-beliefs And now we know what´s it all been for And now we know how to be free Clouds dissolve as we look their way Spending a while in the warmth of the Sun We wave hello to travelling birds And pack our bags for the journey And now we know what´s it all been for And at last we know how to be free Our heartland is calling us home And obstacles know which way to move And now we know what´s it all been for Nothing can come around just by chance And nothing will happen to us just by chance And nothing will happen to us just by chance And nothing will happen to us just by chance And nothing will happen to us just by chance ___ Berlin - Grenoble - Arles This train from Berlin is full of people With heads full of thoughts of other people I can´t see through them I can´t see through them I was complete and I was alone When you said: La la la la la Full and alone Empty and alone Happy and alone ___ Zrkadlo / Mirror A merciful mirror is what I am, you Just look into me The only thing you´ll get from me Is what I receive from you When you´re good and hoping A big hoping Begins it's way from me to you Gently takes you in your arms And with no faith in yourself Oh, how could I help you I´m just a merciful mirror A mirror Reflecting back at you Your faithlesness Your faithlesness A mirror you can´t break is what I am Just try to land a hit Every hit you throw Will only land on you When I hear a kind word When you do the right talk I reward you with the like That´s what you´ll receive from me ___ Som modré more / I´m a blue sea I´m a blue sea Breaking and breaking onto the shore And in the waves I´m also the shore On the shore I am grass Bent at the waist waving the wind in blossom I wave I am the beast grazing on the grass every day At night we are pleas Rising to the stars Up from chimneys At night we are stars Falling to the pleas Down the chimneys I´m you, of you, part of you that´s standing here before you I´m me too And you are mine all of me before me I call you, here and now Come back home ___ Cervená modrá / Red blue Red blue blood A naked naked naked stream Naked naked naked stream Naked naked naked stream Between the heart and the head When the heart commands go! And the head says stop! All there´s left is the stream Red and blue and naked Between the heart and the head The stream Flowing between the heart and the head ___ Anjel môj / Angel mine Angel mine stand by me for all time to come Take away my unrest and quiet me now How about this crowded way down Will that not be my way? Where to find paths that will lead to our goal? What fills the soul when it feels all at home? And who shall guide us through the underworld? The underworld That what is down and quiet Shouts at us when it´s high up The same thing that´s lifting us higher can also bring it all down What does it feel like to sink in a free fall? What when our feet hit the ground? Will we get up? Lover mine stand by me for all time to come Quiet me and throw away your unrest too This path is leading where it should lead At it's end Peace awaits ___ Okná oci cisté / Windows eyes clean I´m flying into winterland The land of birds They teach me How to unearth What´s remained deep down in me, Hidden, forgotten A corner unexplored Windows eyes clean Misty days in-between Untill it clears up inside of me The rain will fall Let my vision clear For that which grows inside of me Changing each day inside of me Every day I plea To come around For what I´ve always had in store For that what is behind the door I plea to come We have been given All we can think of This light that binds us Restlessly circles Around us, above us And within us ___ Dary / Gifts When I have gifts I open openings And I give gifts When I lose gifts I unbridge gaps And become alone Gifts I got gifts Gonna give gifts Gonna give gladly Gifts, give you gifts ___ My dve / The 2 of Us You are now and always will be Unchanged by the touch of others Stable as change Nevere turn into Somebody else Fine just the way you are I always see you As me, walking without me Twofold and so me Twofold and so you Twofold and so me Twofold and so whole There´s nothing That can put me back together When I want to be apart There´s nothing that can melt me When I decide to turn into ice Only you can make me whole Lead me, refine me and melt me You let me flow into the sea Now I become one with it so easily To carry the destiny of my parts To swallow my share of hits Of two halves so me Of two halves so you Of two halves so me Of two halves whole ___ Slnko stúpa / The Sun is rising When I come near you I just want to touch you Just touch you for a while Touch you deep We can talk to each other Breathe and sleep and eat and drink Often I watch you, thinking, You´re the one I will go further with The Sun is rising and I´m silently rising with her Each day we get up again You dive into my waters wild I rise up towards you Rising up towards you Today we flow into each other like two rivers And nothing can split our common stream We burn like two logs in a fire And no one can tell our ashes apart The Sun is rising and I´m silently rising with her ___ Windmills Windmills grind the wind Into energy that flows between us Flapping their white wings Driving away the thoughts of a calm Of a time with no current When it becomes clear Who holds a candle and who holds the fire Who wants to Knows how to Can burn. ___ Gloria This where this world of ours Is coming to an end Fish sing and fly The music flows into the sea And our hearts ring out freedom Bim, bam, bom, bim, bam, bom Gloria, Gloria, Gloria, Gloria Gloria, Gloria, Gloria, Gloria ------------ A Short history of Longital He dreamed a lot. She wrote poetry. He sharpened his imagination and built aeroplanes and ships. She sang and played piano. He got a guitar and loved jazz. She ran college radio and played folk. They both loved music and skiing He graduated in maths. She graduated in engineering. He taught computer science and played the blues. She did graphic design and photography. He found some wrecked guitars and rescued them. She left some old friends. They met and became friends He went to Cleveland to study jazz. She stayed in Bratislava. He missed her. She missed him. They met again in the US They fell in love They returned home He discovered bow. She got bass guitar. He wrote songs. She wrote songs. They moved to a beautiful place on a hill called Dlhe Diely (Long Yards) They formed the band Dlhe Diely with some friends They started their record label Slnko records They quit their proper jobs They recorded few albums and lost few drummers They discovered electronics and started to use ambient sounds and loops They discovered that the hill Dlhe diely was previously called Longital They formed the new band Longital And finally came the dream of White Tiger telling them the Secret.

1.1 Uz Len Raz/One Last Time
1.2 Ani Nahodou/Nothing By Chance
1.3 Berlin - Grenoble - Arles
1.4 Zrkadlo/Mirror
1.5 Som Modre More/I'am a Blue Sea
1.6 Cervena Modra/Red Blue
1.7 Anjel Moj/Angel Mine
1.8 Okna Oci Ciste/Windows Eyes Clean
1.9 Dary/Gifts
1.10 My Dve/The Two of Us
1.11 Slnko Stupa/The Sun Is Rising
1.12 Mlyny/Mills
1.13 Gloria

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