Longo Bards: Middle Earth

Longo Bards: Middle Earth
Title: Middle Earth
Label: CD Baby

The group was established in 1999. It's aim is to affirm our connection with the past. Since it's foundation, the group is devoted to the research and recording of traditional songs and ballads. Longo Bards performs music from a variety of genres including Classical, Celtic, Popular, Folk, Sacred, Medieval and Electronica. The 'Middle Earth' CD includes pieces inspired to the catholic novel 'The Lord of the Rings' by J.R.R. Tolkien.

1.1 A Elbereth
1.2 One Ring to Rule Them All
1.3 Lord of the Rings
1.4 Gandalf Wisdom
1.5 Athelas
1.6 Leaving the Middle Earth (Elves March)
1.7 Helm's Deep
1.8 In the Flames of Mordor
1.9 Message to Frodo
1.10 King Theoden Is Dead
1.11 The Return of the King
1.12 Arwen Riding

Longo Bards: Middle Earth

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