Looker: Born Too Late

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Looker

Title: Born Too Late
Label: CD Baby

LOOKER IS A FEMALE FRONTED NEW YORK four piece whose sound fuses girl-group harmonies and gritty punk riffs. The result is kinetic rock and roll that is melodic, bittersweet, and confront- ational. Looker's first LP, Born Too Late, is both a lament for a bygone time in music and a raucous collision, loud with laughter in the dark. Recorded and mixed in only 8 days, their signature 3 part harmonies have a roomy, live feel reminiscent of the Shangri-Las even as the driving tempos and feral guitars betray a completely different history: old school punx of '77 like the Adverts and the Clash. The result is a record bursting with dance numbers and political anthems; love ballads and pop odes to New York City, with each song always reflecting a unique chemistry that is Looker's alone. Born out of the collaboration of childhood friends Boshra AlSaadi and Nicole Greco, Looker began playing Lower East Side clubs (including Pianos, Mercury Lounge and later the Bowery Ballroom) in 2003. Since that time, with the addition of third vocalist Rachel Smith on bass and Robbie Overbey on drums, the band has gained a feverish local following. East and west coast tours have spread their influence beyond the confines of the city, and glowing press attests to their infectious popularity. With 2 EPs under their belt, the band is excited to unveil an album that captures the essence of the ferocious and supple live performance fans have grown to expect from them.

1.1 Serenade Stare
1.2 Born Too Late (1978)
1.3 Hey Kids
1.4 Disaster
1.5 Hollow Tooth
1.6 Tickle My Spine
1.7 Gregory
1.8 Last Man
1.9 Radio
1.10 To the Finish
1.11 Ballad of the 9th Precinct
1.12 One Way Screen

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