Loomis: Heavy Balloons Are Laughing at Us

Loomis: Heavy Balloons Are Laughing at Us
Title: Heavy Balloons Are Laughing at Us
Label: CD Baby

Loomis is a three piece rock band from Chicago. Formed by Tom Valenzano, Loomis draws influence from the Replacements, Wilco, Elvis Costello, the Smoking Popes and Radiohead while maintaining a distinct, originality all their own. Tom's experience ranges from the folk driven sounds of Ellen Rosner and Ripley Caine, the surf sounds of The Young Fathers, to the straight rock sounds of Choke Orchestra. He draws from this diverse background to write songs that stand apart from each other in style and mood. Bassist Jay Lysaught (Pop Fiction) draws from his own influences to give the songs a melodic, sometimes subdued low end. Loomis is held together by drummer Alex Karan (Ruby, Jane, Sasha 13, Anyones Circle) whose vast experience and edgy, unique style help to give Loomis a driving edge. 'Heavy Balloons Are Laughing At Us' is a collection of 13 emotional works, with styles ranging from three chord power pop to twisted, moody ballads. Produced by Mike Hagler and Chuck Harling, 'Heavy Balloons' is their most accessible and polished work to date.

1.1 It's Too Hard
1.2 Page
1.3 Paint It Blue
1.4 I'll Pay
1.5 Cracks
1.6 Waiting for Guns
1.7 Ember
1.8 What For?
1.9 Lying Awake
1.10 1000 Ways to Die
1.11 Saints and Sinners
1.12 Duo-Jet
1.13 Lonely Sundays

Loomis: Heavy Balloons Are Laughing at Us

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