Lord Carrett

Lord Carrett: Unsweetened

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lord Carrett

Title: Unsweetened
Label: CD Baby

Heads roll with LAUGHTER whenever Lord Carrett takes the stage. Carrett is a master of misdirection whose punch lines land with the unexpected thud of a sucker-punch. Frequently shocking, but rarely vulgar, Carrett somehow manages to distract your attention from exactly WHAT he's saying by combining tons of stage prescence, a killer smile, and a slick 'who...me?' likeability. He's been called 'a cross between Sid Caesar and Sid Vicious.' Combining a traditional joke-based approach with 'rock-star swagger' has served him well in concert with acts as diverse as Weird Al Yankovich, Bigger Than Elvis, Billy Preston, Emo Philips, Deke Dickerson, and Los Straightjackets! Johnny Carson's influence is seen in Lord's ability to consistently 'save' unsuccessful jokes and get explosive laughs out of the awkward situation that's been created. Manipulating the audience by creating and then releasing tension. He says; 'Any American comic my age that says they WEREN'T influenced by Carson is lying.' Another similarity between the two is that Carrett is cleverly risqué . He believes that audiences appreciate any attempt to 'soften the blow.' It's a strength he started developing at an early age, cleaning up dirty jokes he'd heard in his dad's bar, and telling them the next day in Catholic School. A strength that came in handy when he was hired to co-write the double-entendre-laden CD-ROM Game, 'Austin Powers: Operation Trivia.' Few acts get brought back to a club ten times, like Carrett. Being heard regularly on 'The Bob and Tom Radio Network' has supplied Lord with a faithful fanbase in the more than 150 cities they're syndicated in. Repeated exposure (on stage and on radio) is the key to his success in his best markets. It seems his subtle brand of humor builds up in a population gradually, like mercury poisoning, and is just as hard to shake. Cuts from his CD: 'UNSWEETENED' are being played on XM SATELLITE RADIO. His hour-long special (with interview) XM's 'New Comic On The Block' with Lord Carrett, airs coast-to-coast on XM COMEDY starting Friday, May 21st at 10pm Eastern, with encore performances on; May 25th at 8am Eastern, May 26th at 3am Eastern, and May 27th at 8pm Eastern. He's been on TV ranging from SHOWTIME to A DATING STORY, but he's at his best live, unfettered, and completely unedited. (From the liner notes) 'Why UNSWEETENED? I figure any idiot can record a couple of week's worth of shows and edit them into a killer comedy CD, but it takes a SPECIAL KIND OF IDIOT to record and release a single show intact. This is one show, one take, exactly as it went down, with the mindless heckling left in, and a woman tossed out!' A unique approach from a unique comic mind.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Why Cats Lick Themselves
1.3 Rockabilly Hair
1.4 The Cycle of Bereavement
1.5 Los Angeles
1.6 Butt-Heat
1.7 Butter Killed My Uncle
1.8 The D.A.R.E. Program
1.9 I Always Flirt with Lesbians
1.10 Sex in Public
1.11 Graffiti
1.12 Zombies
1.13 My Sister Is Super Religious
1.14 Walkie Talkies ; Breast Implants
1.15 My Health Plan
1.16 Relationships in Los Angeles
1.17 Masturbation
1.18 Never Follow a Better Act
1.19 How to Stay Faithful
1.20 Chicks
1.21 The Impression
1.22 Couch Surf at My Place
1.23 The Road Story

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