Lord Daze

Lord Daze: Point of No Return

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lord Daze

Title: Point of No Return
Label: CD Baby

Lord Daze wrote his first song when he was about 12 years old and hooked up with a few local D.j.'s. and before he could even remember the whole song he was ask to record the song in a live studio. He and some junior high school friends created a group and called themselves 'The Young Fugitives'which was, Hursh formally known as (Bacon), Terror Lunitic formally known as (J.R.), Will formally known as (Lyrical Assassin) and Lord Daze formally known as (Jes James). Rah-Nitty who was Daze's cousin and also was a member of the harlem crew 'N.F.L' seen his progress and introduced him to his peoples which was a rapper named Big L. Daze and Big L would sit at the park on 139st. & Lenox and talk about the so-called rap game, and Big L would school him give the youngen some pointers. A little time passed and they changed the group's name to Dynasty, and brought Blaze into the group.. This was around 1997 In 1998 Lord Daze released his first recorded project titled ' Thoughts Under My Hoody'. In 1999 Big L was gunned down in the cold streets of Harlem. Around the year 2000 Dynasty had regrouped and changed the groups name to Bronx Bound Vets ( B.B.V) this was big, It consisted of, Daze, Blaze, T.L.,Hursh, Rek-1, Elec, G-pac, Nut, Red, Mag, Chevy, Matic, Brolic, and a few others not to mention. At this time he had another CD in the works titled ' The Nightmare Project' but was never released. In 2004 he put out his first official Independant CD release titled 'Game Tight' which opened alot of doors for his career. 2005, Lord Daze and Blaze deciding to do it together and they did .'The Point of No Return' is a message that shows the pain, progress and passion they share for the game. Currently Daze is recontructing his Scrilla Guerillaz imprint in Los Angelas which is a movement to expand the company on the west coast. Lord Daze also has another project which will be released summer of 2007 titled' GAME TIGHT VOL.2' .

1.1 Shut It Down
1.2 Judgement Day
1.3 Ride Wit Us:Gansta
1.4 Rap Star
1.5 Hold Tight
1.6 Ready to Die
1.7 Bang Bang
1.8 Deepest Fantisy
1.9 Who You (G'dep Diss)
1.10 Growing Up
1.11 Just a Man
1.12 Ain't Nobody Around
1.13 Forceful
1.14 BX Boys
1.15 The Cross
1.16 Hold Ya Breath
1.17 Hold Tight (Mixed Version)
1.18 I'll Be Alright
1.19 Faces of Deception
1.20 You Don't Know Me
1.21 The Passion
1.22 The Point of No Return

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