Lord Kitchener

Lord Kitchener: Klassic Kitchener, Vol. 2

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lord Kitchener

Title: Klassic Kitchener, Vol. 2
Label: Ice Records

The original recordings absolutely make this Here we see more of his classics that show his genius. The standout songs are "my pussin" "take your meat out muh rice", "no more calypsong" a lovely social critique, "no melda" and "mama this is mass" Overall you can't a collectors item.

1.1 My Pussin
1.2 Flag Woman
1.3 One to Hang
1.4 PP99
1.5 Panorama Night
1.6 Take Yuh Meat Out Muh Rice
1.7 No More Calypsong
1.8 Handy Man
1.9 No Melda
1.10 Love in the Cemetery
1.11 Mama Dis Is Mas
1.12 The Road
1.13 Miss Tourist
1.14 67
1.15 Magie

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