Lord Raja: Constant Moth

Lord Raja: Constant Moth
Title: Constant Moth
Label: Ghostly Int'l
Product Type: VINYL LP

Welcome to the world of Lord Raja, a strange, sometimes perilous alternate dimension with beauty and decay in equal measure. It's a world built on the beat-centric music which flows through New York native Chester Raj Anand's stream of consciousness; here, half remembered hip-hop classics are spliced into '90s IDM, ambient, footwork, and experimental sound design. Our latest dispatch from Lord Raja's uncanny realm is the impulsive and unpredictable a Constant Moth LP, 12 hyper-detailed scenes ripped from the surreal mayhem at play in the mind of this talented young producer.

1.1 Yelleo E 4:41
1.2 Van Go Featuring – Jeremiah Jae 2:04
1.3 Pistol Refix 1:25
1.4 Darwin 2:09
1.5 TV Talk 3:03
1.6 Gottfried Semper 2:08
2.1 Skyre 2:35
2.2 Throw Them Out (System) 3:20
2.3 De Lia Lu Lu 3:17
2.4 Red Sun 3:21
2.5 Black Top 3:47
2.6 Golden Gravity Birds 3:04

Lord Raja: Constant Moth

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