Lorenzo Del Liuto

Lorenzo Del Liuto: Renaissance Lute Music

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Artist: Lorenzo Del Liuto
Title: Renaissance Lute Music

Lorenzino del Liuto was one of the most famous and accomplished virtuosi of the lute, as well as a composer who strongly influenced Italian and foreign lute literature.

1.1 Preludium
1.2 Fantasi
1.3 Galliard
1.4 Preludium
1.5 Fantasi
1.6 Vestiva I Colli (Arr FÃ-R Luta)
1.7 Cosi Le Chiome (Arr FÃ-R Luta)
1.8 Branle
1.9 Preludium
1.10 Passomezo
1.11 Preludium
1.12 Susanne Un Jour (Arr FÃ-R Luta)
1.13 Galliard
1.14 Preludium
1.15 Fantasi
1.16 Galliard
1.17 Ancor Che Col Partire (Arr FÃ-R Luta)
1.18 Preludium
1.19 Fantasi
1.20 Preludium

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